May 29th, 2004

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Hi. I just recently found out about this place. It looks pretty cool. I've been into making fursuits for a few years now. Though so far I have only completed one for myself and I'm about halfway done with another one for a friend of mine. Both of them are foxes. :)
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Enter Wraith...

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you all. My name is Wraith, a New York City dragon. I've just joined up so I figure I may as well give y'all a wave hello. I'm a furry artist with a rather avid interest in fursuits, all weapons, and technology.

Never actually made one, myself, but I'm currently brainstorming and searching for ideas. I've got a few definite things down, though.
1) The suit will be form-fitting and realistic. I'd prefer to have scales, though I have no idea how I'm going to pull that off... Same with the ventral plates. There are some points where I'd like to exaggerate musculature, though I'm not sure how to do that, either.

2) The feet are digitigrade; Large with T-rex-ish feet... Three toes tipped with claws. The suit feet will be much larger than my own, and I have a few ideas, but I'm not sure how to pull it off.

3) The head is also T-rex-ish, and I've figured that the snout and jaw would reach from my own jaw to between my eyebrows and mid-forehead. Obviously, seeing in this scenario will be the major issue... I'm trying to design the jaw to move somewhat, though with something that size, I'm baffled. The only other issue at the moment is the hair... big, foofy white hair. I'm totally blank here. Same for the horns. I'm definitely going to put ventilation fans in. Batteries and switches will likely be placed in the left arm, if not the back of the head to help counterbalance.

4) I'm planning on designing a cybernetic left arm of sorts. I'm thinking about using aluminum, I have a hammer and anvil, and building a fire pit for a forge won't be too much of a problem... I could use other materials, but they'd either be impractical or expensive.

Explaining appearance will take up too much space, so I'm just going to post a link to an image: Wraith

If anybody out there has any ideas, they're more than welcome to say something, including a simple "you're nuts".
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(no subject)

Blargh! So many mistakes!

Here's the link to my auction again.. I just now realized that one of my images was linked incorrectly. :P over 200 people've seen it and didnt even mention! I feel kind of dumb. :/

Anyways, its a 31 x 40 inch piece of lynx colored fake fur. Its really good stuff.

There's less than a day left!
(oh, and I really meant to type 20 /hours/ not 20 minutes :P)
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The Head So Far

(what an ominous-sounding title).

Nice bank holiday weekend, what better way to spend my time (especially as it's cloudy out) than sat in the front room watching Cartoon Network and making me a fox head? So this is how I'm doing so far... Collapse )

I'd very much like peple's advice on things that could be done differently. I'm going for a feminine fox, but not too girly or obvious. You just have to be able to tell she's a she. :)

Also, despite my best efforts the head is HUGE! Not helped by the fact that I'm a small person. I've hollowed it out to fit my head fairly snugly, and have tried to reduce the foam round my head to a one inch thickness, but still the head just looks silly on. And I know it'll only be worse when furred. So any suggestions?
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Sanrio chibi (by Frisket)

Oldie but goodie...

Just wanted to share some pics of the nicest fursuits I've ever seen...Some of you probably already know about them (since the film has been around for one year longer than I am old--1971), but sometimes good things can be forgotten in time, and this definitely shouldn't be! So here's a reminder to all about the Tales of Beatrix Potter film as performed by the dancers of the Royal Ballet (I just wish I could find a better pic of the fox!):

I have the video in PAL format, and would be glad to bring it to AC, but only if someone else can bring a PAL-compatible video player. BTW, I also recall some very nice fursuits from a live-action film of Alice in Wonderland made back in the 80's, was it? I was so envious of whomever wore the gryphon suit! :D Does anyone else have really good fursuit movies to recommend? :)

Take care, all! :)
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