June 2nd, 2004

Te (Day) Rabbit...

As promised,
Photos of the finished product of Te (Pronounced Day) Rabbit. So, with out further a due:


Here are the design drawings, see how close the finished product is to them.

The WereVarmint site ( http://www.rakune.com/werevarmint.htm ) in general has been updated, and there are more things will be added to the "how to" section, as soon as they get done.

Ryngs Rakune

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only those unloved or unnatural truly hate."
-Charlie Chaplin-
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! One month till Anthrocon! Anyone excited? =) (Well that's going anyway.) Okay, now that I got off subject for the day, here's a question about tail making.

Well it doesn't look like I'm going to have the money by Anthrocon to finish my fursuit. Instead, what I've decided is to make myself a black wolf tail for the con. My wolf form is actually a raven black timberwolf, so she's basically a black wolf. My question is, well, when I went to RCFM I met a fur that had a gorgeous wolf tail. He mentioned someone made it for him, but I don't remember who it was exactly. Well anyway, he let me take the inside of the tail out from the fur to look at it. It had like a silver, metal rectangle thing at the top that weighed a bit and I'm guessing was used to clip onto the pants. The rest of it was curved a bit and covered by... well I don't believe it was foam, but a foamish-stuff, and I believe there were white strings tied around the "foam" so it would keep it's round shape around whatever it was covering. I don't know if any of that make any sense, but let me know if anyone has any idea to what I'm talking about. I'd like to look into that technique of tail making. I'd really love to atleast have a tail by anthrocon, so that's why I'm asking. =)


Thanks! ^_^

- Kitshera Aureana (The Fennec Fox)
- Ramera (The Cheetah Cub)
- Shadow Walker (The Raven Black Timberwolf)

Decision: Tail.

After looking over a number of various resources, I've decided to use sheets of craft foam for scales on the tail. I figured it would give it a better feel in addition to some real texture. They'd be colored with acrylic spray paint, and attached to a layer of flexible fabric, most lilkely lycra.

For this, though, does anybody know of any kind or primer or laquer or glue or something I could layer onto the craft foam to smooth out the surface for painting? And what about stiffening the craft foam some? Any ideas for that?

All I really need to do now is find something relatively stiff as a spine to support the main bulk of the tail (I'm going to want it to curve up), and find some polyfill to fill it... The rigid structure isn't really a problem, I have 1/8" thick steel rods I can twist into a rigid belt clip and/or main supporting structure...


design something that only flexes in two directions... left and right... Maybe some sort of flexible plastic I can glue into a directionally rigid structure, affix a setup of "ribs" and probably forgo the polyfill completely... Any thoughts, ideas, or sources for what I'm planning?
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Puppy suit

Well I know I haven't posted for a little while, but been busy. I have some good news today.

The GOOD News = Well the parts for my fursuit arrived quicker than expected, was suppose to be 3 to 4 weeks, but got here with a few days from Canada. Thank you tj_wolf. You are the greatest. I have managed to get a picture of the suit all finished. Theres only one photo as took the picture whilst in suit, and this was very tricky. As you may well know ;)

tabbie - elwood


Hello, everyone. I've got some fabric I'm interested in getting rid of, and I figured since the original reason I bought the fabric was for fursuiting, I'd offer it here. If this is off-topic, please tell me, and I'll delete the post.

I've got two large pieces of fleece. It's not furry, but it's very soft and plush and warm (hence the intention of making fursuit stuff with it). I've got a large piece of black, 5'x5', and a large piece of white 4'x5' (can you tell what animal I was going for?). It'd probably be good for making sweaters or plushies with, as well. I have no idea how much to ask for it (I bought it a long time ago and don't even remember what I paid for it) -- make an offer (but don't be ridiculous).

Again, if this is off-topic, tell me, and I'll delete this post and put the fleece up on Furbid and/or my own journal.
Sparky Goggles

He Is Completed! (Mostly)

Three months ago I came up with a sketch for a fursuit head. After finding a How-To and this community, I starting building him. He sat around for awhile, at least a month, with just a rough foam over his plastic mesh head. But now, after searching for the right fur and brainstorming for the right type of eyes, he, Willard, is completed.

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So I wandered into the local Hancock's fabric story today, just looking for some thread. And as I always do, I headed to the back to look over the remnants and to pet the fur a bit, since they're right next to each other. (I always check remnants. You never know when something useful will turn up there.)

And lo! I doscover that they just got in six new rolls of the niiiiiiiiiice, fairly expensive fur (as opposed to the cheap stuff I've gotten for my own cheap projects...) They had this soft, soft, soft, thick, dense plush in mottled tan and cream, in deep red with dark burgundy tips, and in deep green with silver tips. Gorgeous. And they had two kinda of wolf look fur, in a brown and grey, and in silver grey. Plus an amazingly soft fox fur that looked convincingly real.

All six of which are sadly more than I can afford to get just to play around with, especially when I'm just starting a difficult and expensive personal prject... but if I were getting paid, well, that's another mattter...

So somebody please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease comission me to do something in one of those? Please? *big kitten eyes* (

Seriously, I'm taking comissions right now. Relatively cheap prices because I'm still trying to build my reputation, and I'm not quite an expert yet. Details available on request.)