June 5th, 2004


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Hello, it's me again. I've got another question for everyone.

I'm more than likely going to need an airbrush for an upcoming project. Either I'll have to buy one myself sometime before the summer's over, or convince my dad to finally get one for himself for his projects so that I can borrow it from him to do what I need to do.

Thing is, I know absolutely nothing about which brands are good, what features are good to have, etc. I know that at least some of you have used airbrushes before, or own one. Any recommendations? If not for specific models, at least for what brands are generally good and not overly expensive?

Thank you!

The Merle Saga Part 2!

First off, thankyou everyone here for being so kind and helpful with my three billion questions! I'm really glad I found this community.

So I've been considering technique again based on what you guys said, and looking up prices. Discovered that there's no way I can afford a new airbrush, had a nosy around Ebay and turned up some better prices. I may or may not buy one, though I hear it could be very useful for painting sculptures too. We'll have to see, I guess.

One thing that did confuse me was that a lot of airbrushes I saw posted on Ebay seemed to be sold for nail art. Would such an airbrush still work on fake fur? (I'm sorry, I'm just very airbrush clueless and I'm not sure if it's just a case of different nozzles, or whether there's no difference whatsoever)

I've also been looking around for methods other than airbrushing, but dyes seem out of the question what with all the fake fur I see being acrylic. Sucks, but I doubt dyes would be any use for the detailed patterns I'm after. The only other option I could see would be to brush very thin acrylic paint onto the pile, but I can see a lot of problems involved in that. I would test the idea, but I don't have any fake fur on me and I have yet to see any decent fur around here. Has anyone tried anything like this? I can imagine that it would make the fur texture coarser and it'd probably need to be brushed as the paint dried or it'd clump.. perhaps it'd take several coats too. Perhaps it would just rub off anyway, or make the thing impossible to clean. I wouldn't really know, I'm just thinking of the possibility here. For all I know it's nonsense!

Oh, and I'm still curious about working with long hair. What would you recommend - horsehair, a wig, something different?

Think I'm done for now, hope I'm not being too annoying with my mad questioning!
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Another question

I've been having trouble figuring out how to do the neck on my fursuit. The problem is the only way I can make the head fit is to make a velcro flap on one side of the neck. Otherwise the fur won't stretch far enough for me to get the head on. Is there any way of doing it other than this that will work better?
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