June 6th, 2004

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Okay. I need some help here.

My sister and I started working on another head, and now we're almost done with it. We had read somewhere that the heads would shrink... but we didn't take into account just how much it would shrink.

The head is now very small. It presses on your ears, and after a few minutes, it hurts pretty bad.

Is there anyway to fix this, or do we just have to deal with it?
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Hello all. I need to find a ride going through Atlanta, Georgia to AC. The BIG thing is that I have a wheelchair and need to make sure there's room.

Sorry to be short and brief but I am busy with other AC stuff too.

All the gas stuff applies.
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I gots me a new pair of EYES

I redid the old eyes on my Gelert mask... the old ones were pure yuck. >:P
These new ones were made from cardstock and a double layer of metal mesh spraypainted black. I also enlargened the eyeholes so I could see better. I don't have much in the way of peripheral vision, but the old eyes didn't let me see in front very well, but I'd rather not be able to see peripherally than in front.
While I was at it, I adjusted the mask, made it looser and fixed up quite a few boo-boo areas (like fur with hot glue in it, areas with major seams... etc) and areas that generally looked yucky. I also Sharpied over some white seams.
Overall, I think it looks a hundred and ten percent better. :) I want to redo the handpaws too, but I don't think I have enough fur for that. Next up, I'm going to get a shorter zipper and install that in the suit so my tail doesn't wind up being so darn LOW. Reason for all these modifications? 1. Comfort and wearability, 2. I'm getting better at masks and paws, so I want it to give it an update for the better, and 3. I want to enter it in the Dragon*Con Masquerade, so it's gotta be the best it can be. :D
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