June 7th, 2004

Oy! Help me, please.

Thanks to my sis, Moonstone, for showing me this group. The name's Wovstah, Kitsune Wovstah... Or in Moonie's case, Luke. =P It's an honor to be around other furrés and suiters. I'm going to be a first time suiter, and I have a pattern, but I DESPERATELY need to find my materials.

Now, what I need help is, finding CHEAP (and do I mean CHEEAAAP) material to make my suit. It's only going to be a partial though. I'm going to make paw sleeves, leggings, a tail, and a hood with ears. I can't be spending anymore than $60. It's a VERY tight squeeze, I know, but it's possible. If anybody can help me find the following at discount, it will be much appriciated.

*Peach colored felt
*Long AND short white fur
*Fake claws
*Velcro / clasps

Thank you very much for any help given.

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Well, my fox head is almost complete. She just needs a nose and some eyes. Nose isn't causing problems - I've worked out a pattern, I just need some black faux leather scraps. The eyes, on the other hand, are causing me problems.

I've got some sunglass lenses, and am working on somthing not-too cartoony, without being realistic. Kind of cartoon but not too exaggerated. I've got paper eyes drawn out that look okay, but when I start to construct them everything goes wrong... The lenses are glued behind some platic (yoghurt bottle tops for a prototype, planning to use tupperware lids for the real thing), but they just look so fake! Ick.

I've searched around some eye-making tutorials but nothing seems to be helping. Any suggestions?
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