June 10th, 2004



Hey, I have been reading through many head building totorials but non have included how to make a head with a moving jaw. I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that include how to do this. Or if someone could just tell me.

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Plans have changed!

Well, plans have changed yet again. My mother took me to a local fabric store my dad mentioned. We couldn't find any WHITE fur, but we found just enough BLACK fur! ^___^ So, no more making Charade / Luke. I'm going to make a partial of my character Prince Night Star Wovstah. I got a yard of short fur and a yard and a half of long fur. :) That will be plenty for arms, legs, a tail, and a hood. We also picked up some elastic and velcro at Wal Mart.

If you're wondering what kind of style I'm aiming for, think the broadway show "Cats". =3

MNRRR! ^___^ I'm doubly excited about this! I'll be sure to post progress and get plenty of pictures when it's finished.

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*CROSS POSTED* Wheee grandmother took me to my therapy today, the doctor is pleased with my progress on my ADD meds and is gonna try to wean me off my effexor see how I do ^_^ if not I go back on, then grandmother took me to lunch at La Madalines yum ^_^ then we went to HANDCOCKS FABRICS and gasp we found a PERFECT nice starter machine for me for 100.00 ^___^ and the most SOFT WOLF FUR ... my gosh they had SO many to choose from!! Bit costly but we got half a yard of this for me to try my first tail paws etc watever I can make with it GAH im so nervouse yet excited! Shes gonna come over Saturday to help me setup if I havent by then myself and teach me ... .I feel so spoiled for it was my birthday pressie from her :) means lots to finnaly learn to sew fm her shes happy to teach.

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So I was going through my e-mail deleting the spam before reading it all, and it registers on me that this one message about paws was not actually spam about a half a second after I hit delete. Oops. So if one of you furs mailed me, mail again please?
Red Dead - Mister John Marston

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Looking to create a fursuit based on the character Blue from Wolf's Rain.

Pictures behind the cut, for referrence.

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Im looking for someone with abit of skill to commission for this. It'de be a three set, paws, ears, and tail. Also, a con badge, if possible.
Price scouting right now, as well, so if I can get a few quotes then that would be great! Websites are awesome, too, especially ones where I can see previous work performed.
Im anal about presenting the character as originally portrayed, but Im willing to pay fairly pretty ( though, of course, reasonable ) for it. :) TIA!
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