June 11th, 2004

Guh by Ghostmeast
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Jhonen_C: Done at last??

I finally finished fixing up my Jhonen_C costume today... I went and fitted the body to me a little more, installed a new shorter zipper, repositioned the tail, and added a little flap of fur to hide the zipper (it's held on with velcro). In the photos, you can also see the new feet I made for Jhonen a coupla months ago. The pawpads are made from carved flip-flop foam, and seem to be really nice and durable.
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I also updated Blue Moon with a lot of fursuiting content. ^_^
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Hot mask troubles

Sorry for posting again, but does anyone have any tips for keeping cool with a mask on? My head's *REALLY* hot, I was sweating after about five minutes. I guess I could poke a few small holes in non-noticable areas... maybe cut out a hole in the chin and put some black mesh there?
I don't have enough room in the mask for a fan, nor do I have any idea how to finangle one to work off a battery pack.
Any tips or pointers you can give me?

Cant choose!

Cant choose what to try to make first when grandmother comes over tomorrow if able ... asides fm patching my quilts with holes for start to get used to my machine... should I do a Tail ? Or some Paw gloves? ... Ears? gah want something easy to do that isnt to hard esp with no patterns most ppl say there doing em "by just drawing them" I wish could just get a few nice patterns to start me off till im secure to do the same. @-@ Ideas are welcome!
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