June 12th, 2004

  • majik

painting fur?

Anyone have any experience painting/dying/otherwise altering the color of *say, white* synthetic fur? i've just recently come across a rather intricate request on a tail/ears commission *rawr, income!* and was wondering what i might try, short of hand-painting with, perhaps dilluted acrylic paints, possibly fabric dyes... i *do* have a cheap airbrush, but lack the skills to weild it *well*.

veterans, i await your wisdom, if you will share it. artists, i welcome all manner of postulation on the matter. *bow, scrape, grovel*

thank you, thank you, gracias, arrigato, gratzi, danke, and.. i seem to have forgotten how to say it in latin... *ahem* no matter. the request is there, and the gratitudes are yours for the taking.

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Hey all, Rose here. I said that I'd have more boxes of fur (to the person that bought the other two, they go out in the morning, sorry for the delay), and I have two.

matrices has first dibs, and second is bladespark. I don't have enough scrap for a third box unfortunately.

Okay, one box is BIG, and will be $45, no shipping. I have to charge this because 1. big box, 2. the box is full of BIG pieces of fur, at least 1/2 yard or so, some only missing a small chunk. Brown, tan, long black, some very short red and yellow, etc.

Small box, all small scraps, good for ears, and tiny tails (rabbit? deer?) $15, no shipping.

Third, not fur, but 15-20 lbs of polyfill, $35, no shipping. This is a LOOOOT of poly-fill. If you make tails for money, or suits, this is a good deal. =)

Anyways, you two, let me know. If you don't want them, first called gets them. Would be shipped out Monday, so only option is PayPal, as I leave for Australia on Tuesday.

Floating nebulous glowy thing!

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My griffin fursuit is basically on hiatus until I can get the proper fur for the feathered half.

But in the meantime, I'm already planning my next fursuit! :D

It's going to be my dinosaur Uraby, the Adasaurus (a raptor). But in her 'dragoon' form. If any of you have played the game Legend of Dragoon, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not...
there's some pics there.

I have a pretty good idea of how to go about making the armor, but I'm kinda stuck as to what to do about the wings. Basically in two places:
1) How would you get wings like that to stay up?
2) What would you use for the wing membranes? My sister suggested cellophane, which I like, and I was thinking of this thin shimmery fabric I'm using for my griffin's eyes. But I want to get some other ideas too.

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I've been debating about whether or not to reveal my new costume project...then I figured, what the heck, I know I'm crazy, and this way if people want to see in-progress stuff, I'll know.

I was going to go with my gryphon costume, but then I had one of those moments that made me decide to try something else which will outdo the difficulty of making the 6-foot-tall oriental dragon body puppet from last year. When inspiration hits, I go with it.

I'm going to make a costume of Sammael, from the Hellboy movie :D

It's going to take a lot of pre-planning to figure out exactly how I'm going to pull this off, and I know it won't be easy even if I plan every detail. My plan is to build up the body with foam and carve the details of the skin into it. The mask will be made with a plastic canvas base, with foam over top so I can carve the detail into it too. After that, the rubbery skin will be made by coating the foam with plasti-dip (given that the stuff went on sale locally just as I thought of the idea of doing the costume, I'm taking this as a sign from some higher power that I must do the costume, heh). I should be able to make the plasti-dip go fairly far, since I won't need super-thick coats. At the spots where I'll need more flexibility, like arm joints, I'll be fitting in some fabric inserts. Overall, the idea will be similar to piecing together armor. Finally, I'll (hopefully) get myself an airbrush and find some paint that will be safe to use on the white plasti-dip and paint Sammy the right colours. The tattoo markings will be hand-painted, of course.

So, yeah...I'm probably nuts for even thinking of doing anything this complex, but I know I'll have fun making it :P

A small addendum. I seem to have attracted a troll. I've deleted the comment by it, but please don't feed it if it returns.