June 13th, 2004

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Okay, I'll have another large box of fur! No one has claimed the small box of fur, so that's one small box of semi-small scraps, and one large box with larger scraps. Long white, tan, black. Some coyote (2.5 inches long, super soft, tan with black tips, and generally $40 a yard), and other short pile furs. Keep in mind this is all scrap, but this is a box of bigger, higher quality pieces.

First call on those two gets it. bladespark called the first large box, and chapeljax called the poly-fill box, but that leaves another large box, and a small one left!

2nd large box is $35, and small is whatever I listed in the last post.


"how to" page online

Heyas all

Ok, I told ya all that I want to put a "how to" page online with lots of pics how
I build Camio fox for rakhan.

Here it is:


I really hope this will help you in building your own suit.
Would be happy if it helps you.

ah btw... the complete page http://www.moonfox.de is
new. Check the "hobbies" and there the "fursuit" section ;)

your foxy

Ranga MoonFox
badger, steampunk

Monterey Mills fox fur...

I was wondering if any one out there knows if Monterey Mills offers more than 3 colors (white/black/palamino) in their fox fur. If not, does anyone know where I can find a 2"-3" long tan/light brown fur? Thanx in advance <^-^>
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thinking of finally trying fursuit building

so my boyfriend and I have a bunch of fur we put aside to get rid of including a lot of short black fur. I've wanted to try my paw at fursuit making for a while now and I was thinking I could try to make a black cat costume with all the short black we have, it would be better than just selling or getting rid of it I think.