June 14th, 2004

Rate your Fursuit. A new site to show off *Grin*…

Rate your Fursuit. A new site to show off *Grin*…

So, there is a new Fursuit site called “Rate Your Fursuit”, by Jaguar (Found out about this place through Latinvixen's LJ). Great place to show your suit off, and get people to vote on it… Te (pronounced Day) Rabbit is already on there at http://www.ratemyfursuit.com/index.php?menu=photos&photo_id=10 (gratuitous plug). So, it looks interesting, and if you have suit maybe you should show it off here *Grin*…

Thanks Jaguar for supporting Fursuiting.

Ryngs Rakune


"It is not in our nature to hate,
only those unloved or unnatural truly hate."
-Charlie Chaplin-
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Last call for the small box of scrap fur! $15 anyone? And the huge box of polyfill didn't get bought, so maybe two smaller boxes out of it? $17 each! (that'd be like....7lbs of it? maybe more?)


New Mask!

I just finished this guy a couple hours ago. More pictures here.

I'm pretty happy with him. I'm still making my canine muzzles a bit too boxy, but I think it still turned out ok. This is the first really toony head I've made, and it's the first time I've built a mask off of a balaclava. It's definitely a method I'll use again in the future.

That said, I'll probably be selling this guy off sometime in the near future, to help fund my Sammael costume.