June 17th, 2004

Cissy Smooch

Newbie here!

I just joined the community and had a question about making some ears that would be on a headband. I need advice, as I have no idea how to go about making them or what supplies I would need to make them.

Can someone help me?
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It seems that after a brief downtime, http://www.ratemyfursuit.com is back, and it seems to have survived the SA onslaught frysco mentioned quite well, too. There's been a couple of hateful comments, but there also are some by SA readers who're not furries and still genuinely enjoyed the site and the pictures.

Yay. ^_^
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rice ball kitty

(no subject)

I thought about it... and I'd like to commission somebody for a set of hand and foot paws for AC. I know its a limited time frame... But hey I'd like a pair. Anyone up for the job?

Painting with acrylics

I heard you can paint fur with acrylics, but I had to paint this long fur but it wasn't working to well for me. But that changed when I used my hairbrush with the paint XD You can get a nice coat if you use a brush with lots of bristles if you can't afford an airbrush ;D Hope someone finds this useful.
Sparky Goggles

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Oh my goodness.

My local Hancocks got some reaallly nice fur in. I mean, really nice. It's the softest stuff I've ever felt before, and a lot of it! They had some grey that was beautiful and some black/red that was gorgeous. Oh, man. I wanted to buy it so bad. But it was $25 a yard.

They also had some longer fur that looked fox-ish, as well as timber wolf colored fur in the same style. Of course they too were out of my price range, but MAN! That fur was nice.

I think that the grey and black/red was chinchilla style fur. It certainly felt like it.
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