June 19th, 2004


Wigs and ears.

Hey guys! Got a really odd question.

Has anybody used a real honest-to-God bought from the store wig with their suit? And if so, how did you accomodate for the ears?

Originally I was creating my own wig, sewing hair plugs into a hat, and the ears would then be attached to the hat. But I don't have enough hair and the girl I bought it from no longer is in the hair business, so I can't get more. I'm about to drop $25 on a real actual wig to use, but I'm worried about destroying it trying to make it work with the ears for my suit.
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I'd just like to take this moment to say, please make sure you are wearing pants or working over some sort of table while working on your fursuit or fursuit head. I was wearing shorts and sitting on my couch using a new glue gun and moved over my lap for a second- Just long enough for it to gob a rather large amount of HOT glue out and onto my leg...

I've got most of it off but the biggest piece is actually attached to the skin which has at the same time blistered up and removing it has become "quite the task"... Actually if anyone has any suggestions other than just ripping it off I'd love to hear them as it is still very attached.

Danger, Danger!

On the up-side by the end of the week I should have pics of my first fursuit head! Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah....

Edit: I put an ice cube on it and it fell off! Thanks to SwiftFox, and my mom on the phone. Hehe. I still got a big'ole blister tho. Naaasty.
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Suit progress

Syla fox is coming along well! The suit is 90% sewed now, just the seams to do, plus the tail and either zip or velcro up the back. This would have taken me weeks to hand sew - God Bless that second hand sewing machine. :)
I've been watching the football all day (Nigella Lawson on UK TV Food in between matches) and sewing. It's a very satisfying experience. Not to mention each time I step inside the suit to check fittings it feels more and more like stepping into the skin of my character. Of course I have no idea when I'll be wearing this but it's been fun so far to make!

The head is completed, and bar the size (still a little too big) and the slightly not-quite-right eyes (will be tweeked later when I have the materials and money for better eyes) I'm pretty pleased. Pictures taken but poor light resulted in my digital camera having a panic and whiting-out the white fur.

Tomorrow I have to find out if anywhere that is open on a Sunday sells materials I need. Some velcro, or a zip and a zipper foot for the sewing machine. If not then I have to wait a whole week before I can get the the haberdashery! I don't think I can stand the wait!

Oh, and planning paws now. What's the best material to use for paw pads? Leather? Suede? Waxed canvas? Whatever I can get my paws on?
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