June 21st, 2004

another flying dog

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Hi, feel free to kill me delete this post if you don't want link advertising, but a friend of mine asked me to display the linkage to this fursuiting webring which is (a lot) smaller than the BigBig Fursuit Ring that everyone's in, so, there's the link. :)

The owner of that webring (and the website cvdrumsta.com), Ousel, is an incredibly talented fursuiter, so, much adoration in her direction.

Oh, right, me? Fresco. Lemur-mostly. I prefer to show off fursuits, being abyssmal at making them. :)


Heeee! My first ever furry tail comission is all done, as are the matching ears. Now, if the people who ordered it will just send me the additional fundage they owe... (for some reason they didn't notice the fact that I told them three times that stripes cost $8 extra.)

Also, my fur from Rose_quoll arrived today. Heeeeee! Much fondling of fur took place. *grin* I have use for the red and yellow, now I just need to pick up a few comissions that'll use up the long black, some /more/ long white, (I have a ton of it now!) and the nifty tan and brown...

This is so fun! I love this fursuiting stuff!
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