June 23rd, 2004


Trying my hand at this, :K)

Hi everyone,
Another newbie here. ;K) I've been planning a long time to have a partial suit ready for Anthrocon this year. I have all the materials I need at this point, (I think,) I just need to work on getting them together.

The outfit is pretty simple. I'll be wearing street clothes, and a trench-coat, (still not as hot as a full fursuit I'm wagering,) some ears on a headband, a tail, paws, face-paint and a prosthetic muzzle.
Currently worried about: The tail. I searched back a month or two in the archives here, but couldn't find too much along the lines of making feline tails. I'm sure most of you are going, 'It's a tube man, figure it out!' but I really have no sewing experience at all. Mommy does, but she's not exactly happy about her drinking-age son dressing up as a cat. ;K)

I used www.tailsmith.com's Tails 101 page as a place to start, and I think I have a workable spine/stuffing worked out, and a suitable fastner for belt loops. I couldn't find any local faux-fur, just some plush felt that I think will work okay for my first attempt at this stuff. But how to sew it up/around/through the pipe-insulation stuffing? There's a length of chain inside the pipe insulation, and I had to cut up the insulation a bit to make it flexible.

I also need to worry about making some paws. I figure I could just trace my hands on newspaper, like someone here mentioned somewhere, and cut that out of the felt, then sew on some pleather patches for pawpads. I can probably scrounge up some kind of glove lining to wear under the felt...

Well, thanks for listening to me ramble. :K) Suggestions and helpful links will earn you many scritchies.

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Hey everyone, gotta question. There's a certain technique which it comes to making tails that a friend of mine was talking about, but he never really explained it to me when I was with him. He said a few things about making it, but my memory is REALLY fuzzy since then. Here's the best of what I can really remember. (He's actually going to be gone for the week, if he wasn't, I'd just ask him, but there's no way I can get in contact with him.) All right, I believe this certain technique takes about 15 hours to do and the structure of the tail is built like how the bone structure of a wolf's tail would be built. He said something about cutting out 5 like square pieces out of something... I believe when you walk, it give a very nice sway or something... I can't remember at all. He just mentioned that this was one of the best techniques to make tails, but since I wasn't instructed on how to completely do it, I'm uncertain of what to search for or look for. If anyone has any known clue to what I'm talking about and has any form of instructions on how to do this, please let me know.

I'll give you a cookie. :D


Well, I'm working on the understructure of my head. The mesh is working out okay, though I'm still need to work out how best to have it accommodate my glasses. I'm looking around for foam right now, but I'm having trouble finding the right sort of stuff. I'm not even too sure what type of foam I need, but so far all I've found are the thin sheets of foam and the stuff you stick flowers in, and I'm certain I don't want anything like those. I've tried a couple of large department stores and a big out of town craft shop, but nothing's turned up yet.

Anyone know of any places where I can find it? Bear in mind I'm in the UK, so if you mention any specific shops we might have them, but if you can give me a general idea of the sort of foam I need and the places I might find it at, please let me know. I've been all over Sheffield looking for this stuff!

Had better luck with finding fur, though. It'll need to have colour added, but it's nice and soft, and the cat approves too.
Dia purplemoon

Update on NightMare Ember

WHooooooooooooo, I am SO close to being done!!


To be done:
Last fittings on body, maybe add snaps
Snaps (or sew) one small part of neck
Add Fetlocks to hands/feet hooves
Dye Fetlocks

Thats it! Whoo, been a tough suit to deal with (eventhough the 'under mask' and hooves were done by Bayne), but she should be very pretty when all put together! I hope to get full body pics this weekend.

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