July 1st, 2004

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hey pups!

I'm working on a half suit for the 4th of July. He'll be done like Friday... and I'm wondering about taxidermy eyes. The breed is an odd dog that has really beedy eyes and I'd like to stick with 'em... but anyway, I was curious about some nice websites to buy taxidermy eyes from (I'm gonna buy the ones right now from a local taxidermy shop but I prefer to buy from the net.) and I'm curious about how you will see with them. I've never gotten my paws on them before so I'm new with this, but I've seen some suits with 'em and I'd like to check 'em out!

Thanks guys! *tromps around* URF!
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Swifty Love

Trimming back the faux fur?


Question for the masses.

My wife and I bought a trimmer for our dogs. One of those big jobbers with the attachments and all.

Well, Rocky's muzzle fur is a bit, long and not very managable. I was wondering if anyone has used a tool like the one we got for our dogs to thin out the faux fur on their suits or heads?

Thanks ahead of time.

Swift Fox
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Well, the latest attempt to cast a horn actually worked! Mostly, anyway; there's a lot of flash to trim off, and a few air bubbles to fill in, and the Quik-Cast actually solidified a little too fast, leaving the top inch or two undone. I build that with Magic Sculpt, I think. But the entire length of the thing is there, minus those two inches, so I actually have something to work with. The mold didn't leak at all.

Thanks go to foofers and ysengrin for their advice and support.

Thanks also go to my parents, who gave me what I dearly needed if I wanted to proceed with other parts of my costume: a sewing machine! Thanks a bunch, guys!
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Earring on

*CROSS POSTED* Well finnaly got time to mount the earring on fm :lj user="Selkit"> and soon ill be doodlin em a thanks for it as able. Took some piccas, ill place em behind a cut. Charles said I can get a jumper as long as I loose the weight first so my goal is for next Akon to have it ^_^ but I wonder since im gonna want to get a cooling vest for under ... hes saying maby ill have to do the fake bewbz on it if want it to look non "mascoty" I dunno I dont mind doing mascoty but he keeps claiming it will "Ruin" moonstone *eyes roll* yet im I dunno why a lil nervouse to do the fake boobie route... maby cause im like hey I got some of my own I dont need more padding XD but what think folks ? Honestly... id get the jumper to be firm fitting like Autum Fox or ZZ's so thats why I wanna loose weight first. Collapse )
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Wich Is best?

*CROSS POST* Just a odd question on prefs for when I get my jumper done... wich do most ppl find easier for swapping between full to Half suits. Tail attached to jumper? Or not attached? Also Paws fully down / attached ? Or not [right now mine are just gloves... and i really want to extend them longer without looking shoddy :( and same to my feet area for when in half suit ... so the socks maby dont show. I want it to look prytie not just thrown together like i sorta feel we did for Akon]Tips are needed and thankful so that when I can get some spare white fur fm CR Crafts.com like rosequoll Did for my half suit. *anyone maby got some spare atm they dont need?
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