July 4th, 2004

Dia purplemoon

Ember The Nightmare horse is finished!!

Yesterday was eventful! Welp, Ember is DONE!

More pics of the Pudgy-Nightmare Horse here:

I went over to foofers place to finish up Ember with some neat horns, take some pics, and some other stuff.

He took my horns on Thursday and cut them down and filled them with resin, so they were nice and solid to screw into the mask. They look fantastic (thanks Foofs!), we drilled the mask and horns for their settings on the head, then went out to get something to eat.

I added some fur to the bottom of the horns to meld into the mask a bit. Then he epoxied the horns onto the screws. Those things aint going ANYWHERE. So, I got dressed, got the hooves on Those stomp GOOOD) Played in front of the mirror to get things to look right, got the tail to sit right, then went outside for pictures.

We were out there for about a half hour, taking all sorts of pics (see above). But I gotta figure out how to wrap my right big toe with padding. For some reason its getting pinched. So it was getting very painful at the end. I shall have to figure something out there...

Hope you like her.
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I was wondering...

I have a couple of questions.

I was wondering how to make a good tail that is able to keep its shape but is still flexible enough to sit on. And also it will snap back to its original shape when you get up. I recently made a tail using a delrin rod. It looks nice and keeps its shape vary well but is too rigid to sit on. You would have to sit on something without a back or turn a chair backwards. I'm also afraid that if it bends too far that the rod might break.

I saw some pictures of Brokken's fursuit (the blue one) and that tail looked like it worked great (I love that suit by the way :) ). Could anyone tell me how that tail was made, or any that were made in a similar way?

I also have a question about moving jaws. I just can't figure out how to attach the fur around the back of the mouth to let the mouth open and close. The last time I tried it the fur wouldn't stretch far enough for the mouth to open :(. Does anyone know of a good way to attach the fur around the back of the mouth to prevent this problem?
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