July 5th, 2004

Guh by Ghostmeast
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I've scoured Home Depot, in person and on their website, and I have yet to find this mysterious "plasti-dip" stuff people have been making noses and stuff out of. Am I just looking in the wrong place? Where can I find this stuff?
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Equidragon feet...

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Blue is some form of semi-flexible plastic, brown is wood (probably going to be at least a little padded on the inside to make my feet happier), round beige/pink thingy is a pair of squishy-but-form-retaining things of padding to make the things a little safer to walk in (since I'm stupid and always stay in suit for far too long, and I have a talent for losing my balance...).

In the b/w sketch, fabric, foot and horseshoe are added. I'll be using real horse shoes, so the feet will be kinda heavy.

The foot looks painful, and, well... It's just a doodle. Shows the basic concept pretty well. Still debating how it'll attach to the foot. Sounds right now like a combination of flip-flop style things around the toes (or just something over the foot) and a strap around the ankle (which could be managed provided I make the faux fur part of the legs and everything below that a separate piece that can be used for a partial suit as well) is going to be the most convenient. Because, well... Those things will be heavy and I don't want them pulling on the entire leg of my suit.

Thoughts, will it work, etc?

You've never flown with me.

Is #fursuit still active?

Forgive me if this is marginally off-topic, but I was wondering if anyone on here hangs out in #fursuit on FURnet on IRC. As a complete newbie, I have a lot of questions about the various approaches to fursuiting, and some of those questions are better suited (no pun intended) to real-time chat.

Every time I've been there, though, the place is deserted. Am I missing something, or is the place past its prime?