July 15th, 2004

Gypsy Colt

Ouchies ***cross posted***

I just finished carving out my first set of feet paws. they look pretty damn good. i've furred one allready, and ran oput of gluesticks, so the other will have to wait. i burned the hell out of my finger tips in the process, trying to get the glue off noe. Pelling hurts too much. Any ideas?
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Black paws up for bids on furbid! (starting bid $20)

I made these a while ago using a pair of shoes as a base. Though, I wasn't satisfied with how the original paw pads turned out, so I never wore the paws. As I was digging through my fur stockpiles last night, I found a nice piece of pink fake fur that I had forgotten about, so decided to make some new adorable pink pawpads for those paws and stick 'em up for sale. :3

Let me know what you think!
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