July 16th, 2004

Suits Pics and Commissions Re-Opening (x-post)

Managed to get a good deal of my suits together at once for pics at AC! ^_^

Shown from left to right are: Lord Ryven, Dia's Sgt Benton, Rabbit Valley's Kipp, DireWolf, CloudPouncer, Twitch, (me! ^_^), and me again (played by Mikey).

And some different ones here. New appearances by StaticFox and Runtt the red panda!

And with that, I've about decided to drop the trying-to-get-a-job thing and focus on strictly suiting (and an art order here and there). Somehow going to AC has rejuvenated me and I suddenly want to build fursuits like never before! ^.^ So I'm gonna go for it, try it out for a month, or till MFM, and see how it goes.

So this means.. place your fursuit orders! At the time, any orders collected will go in line, as I have one half-suit and two fursuit piece sets to do. But they will be getting done pretty quick. :) I am NOT overwhelming myself this time.

Just a quick question...

I was considering making a few things to sell as I need the money >.> I was thinking paws, tails, and ear sets or individual things. And I was wondering what sort of fur colors or styles would you guys be interested? and of what sort of animals? :3

Thanks for the help! :D


I just bought the material for my first set of ears ever, and I was wondering if anybody had any advice before I start so I don't screw up too badly.