July 18th, 2004

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Sorry to be posting so much stuff, but I really hope some more bid on some of my stuff, I want to buy my sister a really great Birthday gift (it's something she has been wanting forever now and it is easily going over $100) but I can't afford it. So please help me out, her B-day is tomorrow and I really want to get her this sometime during these next few days. I'd really REALLY appreciate it! Thank you all. See ya.
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Newbie questions about "Dura Kold" cool vest

I have recently commissioned my first fursuit, and have placed an order through my workplace for a Dura Kool cool vest, with which I have some previous out-of-suit experience (sounds cosmic=)). The strips of water pockets that line the velcro vest are kept frozen in the freezer section of the store refrigerator until use, after which they last about 2 to 2 1/2 hours before melting.
My question is, how do you freeze and/or refreeze the pocket strips at conventions (of which Conifur in September will be my first)? I don't think the hotel (Sheraton Tacoma) has facilities in the rooms for this sort of thing, and I doubt they have any public accommodations in their kitchen either.
I've thought of a small air-tight cooler stocked with dry ice to store them in, but I'm not sure that would be very safe, much less last more than 24 hours or so before the dry ice sublimates.
Any suggestions on how to solve this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

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A friend of mine is planning to make a full suit made with real fur and she has been wondering what sort of fabric or whatever to use to apply the fur onto (like what kind of fabric for the body suit)..if you could get back to me that would be cool.


Paw questions again

Ill keep this short, ive been getting a few tips here and via some friends on AIM etc... but latinvixen002 sujested me to get a pattern to start off on for making my attempts at 5 fingered gloves... anyone know of any patterns asides maby this one ?


Or perhaps someone willing to share and or make me some patterns for 5 fingered and 4 fingereds? Let me know ok please? Thanks!! :)
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