July 19th, 2004

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x-posted to personal journal and fursuit:

As I'm still waiting on fur to arrive so that I can finish the last of my commission queue (so that I can open for commissions again), I decided to work on another suit for myself. I was going to wait until she was finished to show her at all, but I decided I'd love to get some of your opinions on her, and on the paw I made. I've always done standard paws with no pads, and foam claws, but thought something newer and nicer was in order.

So, her name is Opal, and as far as I can tell, she's a neon demon fossa. =)

The first image shows the start on the head. I painted the eyes on white perspex, and covered it then with a thin sheet of clear perspex. You look through the tear ducts for vision (my first attempt at this, and not *too* bad, considering). The last image shows the fur that I found for her, which is a wonderful short royal purple plush, with neon green underfur. The paw pads are black PVC fabric, and the claws and plastic bearclaws. The long purple on the wrist is white Montery Mills fox fur dyed purple using RIT dye.

So, suggestions, comments, ideas! She's going to be in a costume contest the weekend of August 1st, so she'll only be a partial (for the sake that the contest is during a 4.35k walkathon), but anything you think would help me win the AUD$300 prize would rock!

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I've probably asked this before, but can you dye faux fur? Reason I ask is because white fur is rather cheap and common, and all other colors are horribly expensive. ;_; I just figured out that if I use the fur I want to get from Mendels, it'll cost 90 dollars. >_<
So I'm looking for a cheaper way. I thought dying faux fur was impossible until I saw rosequoll's post about her current suit and how she dyed fun fur purple for the arms. So if it's possible... how do you do it?
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OK, So I have decided that I will be attending Feral 04. After talking with Potoroo about my idea (more to follow) Im excited about going this year. My problem... I need help to pull this idea off.

My idea is simple. Build a fursuit over the three days of feral. I was unsure of what to do with the fursuit once complete, then Mirko suggested donating the completed product to the charity auction at FC. (In Feral's name)

I can only do so much work by myself. The body suit, handpaws and footpaws would be fairly straightforward.
The head on the other paw... this is where I need help. I need to assemble a team of talented folks to help wherever they feel comfortable, especially with the construction of the head.

Questions? Comments? Dope slaps?

*Hugs* Bear.