July 20th, 2004


Anyone used alumilite?

Has anybody here had any experience working with Alumilite casting resins? I'm thinking about using it to cast scales and the like, but I'd prefer to hear some kind of review on it if possible... durability, workability, etc., etc...

Also, I'm finding it necessary to keep head weight to a minimum, so a material switch is going to be necessary. Bear in mind the head is going to be T-rex-like, so the snout will be comparably huge. I'm considering either the plastic canvas or aluminum screen to get the general shape down, though I have no idea what to make the head covering with. Maybe use the aluminum screen and a layer of sculpey...? or if there's anything lighter and at least a bit more impact resistant (just in case).

The next problem is the jaw, but I think I can solve that with some black lyca or a cast sheet of silicone scales. Anyways, now I'm rambling...

Thoughts? Advice? Critique?

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White Fox Tail

Sighs somehow our bank acct seems to have been tampered with and were missing 100 dollars.... wich now puts us in a bind for paying rent, food and getting the car its oil/and inspection ... PLEASE if your interested to help bid on my tail here http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction.pl?fursuit&1090324080

I also have a Real white fox tail id be willing to part with ... if you want it email me at naughtypuppies @ swbglobal dot net please :~( thanks
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Blue Dragon
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Any suggestions?

I have over 500 AOL CDs. AOL must really like me for some reason. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I was thinking about using them in a future project as scales but I'm running out of space and need to either find a use for them all or get rid of them. I have too many to shoot at with paintballs and another problem with that is they create a big mess when they shatter after getting hit. So any suggestions on what to use them for? Anyone want them for a project?

I would send them here but I don't have much money to spend on shipping them all. College is expensive and every semester the tuition fees go up for some reason.

Another idea I had was to make a pair of wings from street spam but the local idiots who put out those signs have stopped doing so. I am still thinking about doing that if I can get enough of those ugly corpoplast signs.
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Paws n'Claws

Hello all - I have a very basic pair of glove-type handpaws, and I'd like to add claws to make them a little more interesting. I'm thinking of using Fimo (Sculpey in the USA, I think? Coloured claylike stuff that bakes hard in the oven?) and I was wondering how best to attach the claws to the paws. Would hot glue be enough? I thought it might be a good plan to make a sort of extension on the back of the claw with a hole in, to be sewn to the fur inside the top part of the paw, with the claw sticking out of the finger through the stitching. Anyone done this, and if so what shape did you find was best for the extension bit?

TIA for any help!
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Blue Gnoll

Can I ask your opinion?

Hey guys.
I've recently set up a company with a friend of mine making masks, based in the UK. Now, both my partner and I are into the furry scene, but the company actually caters mainly to theatres and live roleplayers. Usually when I go to a fur con, I just sell my art.

I just want your opinion as to whether furries (in this case you guys) are interested in our style of mask? (Most do not cover your full face - but you can hear, talk, see, drink and eat through them). If there is a warm response, i'm going to try to bring them to FC as I am currently negotiating a table. If anyone REALLY likes 'em of course, we are set up to sell over the net ;)
The foam mask section is soon to be updated, check the gallery for some new releases.
15 pounds is around - $28 (plain prosthetics)
25 pounds is around - $46 (painted prosthetics)
65 pounds is around - $120 (most half face foam masks)

I was also thinking of doing more 'furry' style heads - fully furred/scaled etc articulated jaw masks. Would people be prepared to pay more to get this style of mask?

And so - here is the site:


Also, more examples of masks I make can be found here (not all are on the site as yet).
The Blue Hyena

Thanks all for your imput - this will help me greatly.
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Wolf mask

Been working on my next little project, which is a wolf mask that'll hopefully be for sale. Taken me five days so far, and he's almost done. I just need to add a neckpiece at the back to go with the front one.

Still haven't worked out a starting price for him. Is $100 too much to ask? (it comes up to about 53 pounds, which should just about cover the costs, I hope... currency conversion is a very big problem for me because I can never get as much afterwards.) Never had to price anything like this so far, so I'm not entirely sure what a good price is for a realistic mask with no moving jaw (I don't yet trust myself to make one, especially not on something I want to sell)

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Tails, tails.. who needs a tail?

Made several tails today and put them up on furbid.. tiger, leopard, other random felines, a fox, wolf, otter, and meerkat/ferret. Check em out.. more to come in the next couple of days! Any requests? ^_^

Search for seller white_wolf !
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The Unfurred head

Hello all, obviously I'm new to this thing (and also furdom in general). anyways, I've got some pics of my Unfurred Wolf Head. they can be seen at http://photos.yahoo.com/linewolf182
Thanks to Matrices for her head construction page (the original inspiration)
anyways-the head is made from strips of plastic canvas, sewn together with black yarn, then covered with a high-loft quilters batting. the ears are made from trimmed coat hangers woven onto the canvas.
Any suggestions on how to make it more Wolf-Like would be appreciated. I'm still hunting for a good Wolf-Fur so there is plenty of time to change things.
hope you like it!
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