July 25th, 2004


Glowy Head progress

Haven't gotten much work on the head done since my last post cause of work (yay for inventory!). I did manage to get small fans installed in the muzzle and wired to a 9v battery sometime last week though. I need to purchase and wire in a tiny switch to turn the fans on/off.

I worked on the head again a little on Tuesday night but had to stop after accidently giving myself a nice slice in my left thumb with a razor. I'm ok, it's already almost fully healed, but it stopped me from doing more work on the head this week, so I'm a little behind where I would have liked to be. Here's some pics of what I've done since last post though.

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I ditched the strap the holds the paintball mask onto a head because it's no longer necessary. The head stays on with no problems without it, and now there's more ventilation. Plus it was annoying to have to deal with the strap when putting on the head, so I removed it. I need to work on the cheeks a bit next, get some shape there, and then I can fiddle with the lower jaw some more, work on making that more movable.

Work on the 'glowy' aspect of it hasn't yet begun since I can't start that till the head is built, and also I'm out of supplies. I'm going to get more LEDs and whatnot soon. I may have a few other ideas/tricks up my sleeves too. Comments/suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
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maly threading the needle

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Thanks to matrices, I was able to get the bodysuit mostly done. If anyone is ever looking for a good way to make a body, she's the person to talk to, her technique is really easy. Also, I've got the hands about halfway done. The main part of them is made, so now I need to shave off the fur from the areas that I'll be gluing down arm plates, and then add in his claws. I don't think he'll have pawpads.

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Attempting to make the head

Ok So Im feeling Kinda froggy and i want to try to make my very first Fursuit .. my ultimate goal is to make a dragon.. but for now i want to try to make a wolf head.. I saw some really awesome fur at a local craft store and bought a yard to pratice with.. Ive searched around several of the sites and how to's trying to figure this stuff out.. So for i have

fur / plastic mesh / foam / glue gun / adheasive / The Only thing Im lacking is the eyes.. I saw a couple how to's but with the lack of pics and some not working .. im not really sure how to go about making them.. or just purchasing them any help would be appreciated on how to's for the head or where to purchase some eyes!

Thanks in advance!
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