July 26th, 2004

How to make 3d eyes!!! WHEE!!!

3d eyes are very easy to make let me show you how ^^

first you will need what is in this pic below
paint, glue gun, paint brush, and plastic "in 2 strips and 4 blocks"


first cut 2 big circles out of the blocks that will be the eye colour, choose a colour and paint, experiment with what you can do with the eye colour to make it look toony, realist, mythical etc. "make sure you leave a pupple to see out of". next take the 2 thin strips that will be the white part of the eye, paint them white or what ever colour you want them to be. glue them FIRST! end to end, and THEN paint them white or what ever colour as shown in the pic below. you should have 2 block of plastic left


glue the white part to the colour part and drime any extra along the edges, the pupple should be centered, then glue the clear plastic to the top of the eyes to give it a tomed look/shape. as shown below


looks kind of round don't they....... here comes the fun part ^^ SHAPE!

glue the eyes into the head on a slite angle to the sides to enhance the 3D look. now add foam over the eyes, or fur, or what ever you want to give the eye more charater eg, mad, happy, surprised etc. as shwon below




a screen can be added behind the eyes in the head so people can't see who is in their.

finish product should look something like this "these heads are not the same one as shown in the other pics"




enjoy. ^^

Looking for glowy material..

Over the past few years I've built up a lot of junk, some useful, some not. One item in particular was a trackball with a semi-translucent blue ball that was lit up by an LED when in use. It really glows nicely.

Collapse )

What I want to do is make the eyes for my head (and possibly some other stuff) out of the same kind of plastic or something that will light up similarly. I think I would only need semi-thin sheets of it to get the effect I'm looking for, maybe 3-5mm thick. However, I have no idea where to look for such.

Anyone got any ideas where I can find something that would work?
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Dia purplemoon

Angst in here lately...

I have had to delete a few posts lately in here.

Guys, Sorry but some of these posts just DONT BELONG.. Bitch all you want in your own personal LJs, but NOT in a community that it really doesn't fit in.

Please, keep this a happy place that has to do with fursuiting, how to make costumes, where to get pieces for a costume and stuff. Not a place to flame/bitch.

I am sorry Seven, I recently had to delete yours after getting MANY requests. I hope you aren't upset.

-Jen Moderator of LJ Fursuit.
Pttth!!  -littlebluewolf

RX eyes?

Anyone have any good ideas for how to do eye construction based on old perscription lenses?

I can't see worth a darn w/o my glasses, and I don't currently have contacts.. but someone gave me the idea of using perscription lenses. So I'm going to do that.

I have the basic plastic mesh head pretty much done for framework (except the ears) ... I have 2 holes cut out where I can look out of just fine. I'm going to put the lenses over those holes. (Already tried with some sculpey to hold them down as a temporary fix to see if it would work how I am trying to do it.

Now, my plan is this, I'll foam over the mesh, but after the lenses are placed in... however, I'm finding that glass paint isn't exactly working good... Should I put some screen over the lenses? Of course, painted and dried before I put it over... or should I just attempt to use a different paint for the glasses?
Here's a quick sketch of how the eye should look when I'm done.. (Very toony) and then the shape of the old lenses (Which will overlap the holes on the mesh frame)

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I think for the whites and excess teal (because of how the whole fursuit will be done in general..) I'm going to use fun foam.
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(no subject)

Tutorial for making hand paws with stuffed pads is up:

Hand Paws

Should have a tutorial for adding claws soon, and hopefull not too long after that, a tutorial for adding patterns to fur (stripes on tiger paws that I'm making).

Hope that can be helpful for anyone.

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Gil Head
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Kiko, MkII more photos (plus fursuit.net)

Since a few folks asked, I'll post another link today; Kiko MkII's head is more or less done, and I actually took some more photos of it. (Woo, two photo sessions of the same project! A first!) I put them up on fursuit.net as well, at http://www.fursuit.net/FUDforum2/index.php?t=msg&goto=14721&rid=2.

For those of you who asked what fursuit.net is, and who runs it, I would be the one running it, and it's a (mostly empty now) forum system. The big feature it has now, which may be of use to some, is that 4 1/2 years worth of fursuit mailing list messages are there, all searchable. You can't post back to the list there (yet), but I'm working on that. Feel free to ask if you have more questions. (You won't be able to see the fursuit mailing list stuff, for example, until you register and the account is approved.)

Question on Furring the head

Ok started last night on the head and got the frame built.. i have ears made and the lower jaw done.. Now its on to furring the head.. whats the best way to go about doing this to keep the fewest seams as possible!

thanks in advance
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Looking to do a fur trade.

Hello! I'd like to make a tail for my boyfriend, but his character is an unusual color. Blue and cream colored. I've got the perfect cream color.. and a baby blue, which is too light, in my opinion... and since this is going to be a handmade gift from me to him, I'd like to have it as close to his character as I can get.
Since this isn't a huge request I just thought I'd post something about it. I know I save all my scraps, and I'm hoping some of you out there do, too.

The cream color is an inch long (and really nice quality), so I'm looking for something that's got an inch long nap as well. And I only need a piece as small as 15 inches by 15 inches (maybe a little longer, up to 15" wide x 20" long would be the maximum I'd need though that'd only be to cover my butt in case of a mistake).

Since I don't have the money to get some whole new fabric bought by the yard or shipped from some website, soo.... I was hoping I could propose a trade. I've got lots of various colors and types of fur I'd be willing to trade in exchange for a similar colored small blue piece.

If you've got, or can take pictures of the fur it'd be nice. Here's a little helpful reference for what we're looking for: http://www.matrices.net/crap/malafur1.jpg .. kind of around that shade of blue. ... aaaand for those curious about the baby blue, here's the original shot of it.

And if nessicary, I'll pay shipping. :3 ... now, don't go out and point me to some website, I know I can probably get something off e-bay or custom-order some from my local fabric store. I just don't have the money.. I'm just interested in doing a trade of somesorts, to get a remnant scrap that someone doesn't plan on using anymore.

Thanks so much for reading, and hopefully you'll consider. :3
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