July 29th, 2004

Colley Dogstar (Thanks Karma!)
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Emergency, DekaMaster! *Henshin*

Finally managed to get an encode of the Dekaranger ep where Doggie Kruger reveals himself as DekaMaster. ("Highnoon Dog Fight") With that in mind, I snapped some screenshots for comparison between the Doggie Fursuit and the DekaMaster suit for those interested.
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Gonna see about bringing some encodes of the ep with me to MFM if anyone's interested.


I'm very new at the fursuit thing, trying to make my first one ^^;; I've looked at a lot of how to do things for them, but my problem is how to make a frame of the head to the thing I'm making as well as how to make the upper legs more rounded as well as the stomach o_o;;. I'm trying to make a fursuit of Carbuncle from ff8 ^^;; here are some pictures of it:

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Well, I'm working on revamping my Matrices mask.

I redid the eyes.. again. Although the other ones were wonderful, and had perfect visibility, I didn't like how it looked from the outside. It was a very lifeless "blank stare" and it was important to me to fix that.

The new eyes have the same construction (plastic bowl) but I haven't put in the pupil medium yet. I decided also to add the iris color back again (green). But as for the pupils, I'm thinking screen or the ever-so-reccommended chiffon, though I don't like how the chiffon material's texture distorts the field of vision. (when you get two layers stacked up it ampliphies the distortion, reminding me of op art, if you know what I'm talking about)..

Does anyone have any other reccommended materials or techniques I could try out for my pupils? Its always good to try different things to see what works best. I've tried screen, sunglasses, and the chiffon so far.

Now for the "meat" of my post, .. I redid her nose! The nose I had on there before was very flat. And I didn't like how it was so small. Plus, it wasn't quite the proper shape. The full intention of my mask was to get it as close to how I draw it as possible. So yesterday I began work on the "perfect" nose.

I started by using Sculpey III, and I made the general shape I wanted, and had it be kind of thin. I placed plastic wrap over the mask, and made sure the shape was sticking out as much as I wanted it to. I transferred my shape to a tinfoil "holder" I made.. so it would stay the shape I made it with minimal warping. It worked great! ...except it cracked in one part. I repaired the crack using hot glue, since the entire back of the nose is hollow, I just filled the tiny crevice and spread the hot glue over most of the back to hold it in place and reinforce it.

After that was done with I took a file and filed all the bumps down so it was smooth. I wished I filed it a little more than I did, but its smooth enough for me to be satisfied. After that, I sanded all the filemarks out of it.

I used vinyl to cover the nose. I first tried to heat the vinyl up using a hairdryer, but it was too hot for my fingers to keep it stretched in place while I glued it. So I gave up on that, and got out my handy-dandy Super 77 adhesive. I sprayed both the nose and the vinyl with the adhesive, and let them dry until "aggresively tacky" (according to the instructions) .. I stretched the vinyl over it and folded it around the nostrils and pulled out all the folds.

After thouroughly getting the adhesive all over my fingers, the top of the vinyl and my clothes, I came back inside and pulled all the edges taught (so there was minimal folds around all the edges) and hot glued all the edges down to keep it in place.

Finally, I cleaned the vinyl off with plain water, and then took some Armor-All and applied 3 coats, waiting 30 minutes between each coat (according to the reccommended instructions) and OHMYGOD, its beautiful and SO shiny!

One problem, though... Its not attached to the mask yet.
I yanked out the old nose, and tore most of the foam off the front as well. Then I covered the gaping nose-hole with fur, so there's no exposed foam places. The nose looks perfect sitting in the front of the mask, and with the fur underneath, its all uniform all the way around, instead of the fur ending and the vinyl being exposed from underneath like the old nose. I really like it.

the noseless mask, with the new eyes (though they aren't attached yet either, and they're missing an eyelid on one side)

I'm wondering what you guys reccommend, though. I was thinking of hot-gluing little loops to the inside/back of the nose, so I can stitch it in place, and then hotglue around all the edges to attach/reinforce it to the fur. Does this sound like it'd stay on good (it does to me, I just wanted some feedback)? Any reccommendations for adhesion methods? not much sticks to vinyl very well. So I was thinking of gluing fabric to the back to clean it up a bit and give it more texture for the hot glue to stick.

And lastly. I'm thinking of reversing her blaze. (the white "flame" on her forehead.) Ever since I put it on, I was slightly bothered that I accidently reversed it. And its such a miniscule feature of the mask (but part of the character) I just thought I'd be picky and redo it. As you can see here the larger tip of the flame is on the opposite side. And that seems to be how I always draw it. Since the ultimate goal of this mask is to get it as close to how I draw it as possible I'll be changing it soon.

And also.. does anyone have any recommended materials for her eyebrow whiskers? I don't want them to look like antennas (like I think wire will make them look), but I do want them to look like eyebrow whisker/eyebrows. (like how I draw them) .. maybe I'll just still leave that out, though.

Thanks so much for reading, and hopefully considering my questions. Any comments are always welcome. :3
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Heres the puppy

Well took me long enough to join here, didnt feel like it much before, but now I do. Actually I was here before but left, think I posted a pic of a bad looking suit I made. But I have gotten much better since then. I have three total, but two I like to show off.

Here they are:

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Some progress has been made

I have finished the pair of horns I will be using. Unforantely my good digital camera has decided to go on strike so I can't post any pics of them. I used some special automotive paint so now they have a rather interesting effect. They will change color by looking at them from a different angle. brown_wolf has seen them when he came by. I will post some pics of them if someone lets me borrow a digital camera. Also I can't find my wire strippers in order to finish my "disposable" digital camera hack.

This paint I used is NOT something you can simply spray a few coats onto something and acheive a color changing effect. There is a lot more to it and it was designed to be used on metal which made things even more interesting.
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