August 2nd, 2004

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X-posted between my journal and fursuit:

She still needs her neck and back of ears finished, and then it's just the tail and hid paws, and she'll go up on furbid within the week. =)

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maly threading the needle


Starting Cercyon's feetpaws in the next day or two, and I was wondering if anyone has any good tutorial sites on how to make them? Here's a picture by neogeen of how she sees his feet ending up - like dragony feet. I'd be fine with a mix between dragony feet and regular paws, but if anyone has any suggestions, it'd be welcome.
Pictures help me a lot more than just words, so that's important too. :3
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The finished mask, all nicely revamped:

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So yay! Its Matrices! She's not going to have bodysuit for this mask, it will stay as a "half suit". I do have a Matrices bodysuit, but it will not be worn with this mask, since the character wears regular clothes, (and I made the bodysuit out of a different fur type, so it doesn't quite match anyways.)

The character itself is basically me, but as a dog (or fox/wolfdog hybrid to be exact). So she acts, dresses, and talks like I do. And the original goal (which I think I accomplished, finally) was to get it to match as closely to my drawings of the character.

Some things you may not see as features of this mask include string-operated ears that "perk" up when the strings are pulled, a fully movable jaw, which matches my jaw movements as I speak (note: I have no qualms about speaking in-suit, why make such effort gone into a moving jaw go to waste?), And a removable "squirrel-cage" type blower fan, hooked up to a 9 volt battery with a toggle switch (I may get a picture of that soon)

Some plans for accessories that go with this costume is specifically an animatronic tail. Its still in planning stages, but I just want it to wag back and fourth.
Please note: I do not want to use's animatronic tail plans. I don't feel comfortable with using his design, because namely.. I don't want it to be that complex (I just want it to wag back and fourth, it doesn't matter if it curls between my legs or raises or not). And secondly usually if I get tired of something, I decide to sell it. And per request on his site I wouldn't be allowed to sell the tail when I'm finished, so I'd basically be "stuck" with keeping it. That is why I am trying to figure out my own design. I also think I'd be a lot more satisfied with myself if I did it that way as well.
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