August 3rd, 2004


Updated costuming section! PLUS A video!

Major updates to the costuming section of my site! I now have 3 new pages, including a video section, a page for my Matrices costume, and a shiny new battery-operated fan tutorial!

Be sure to check it out!

Also, for those who wanted to see my ears and mouth move on my mask, here's the direct link to the video:

Click Here!

(1.94 MB .avi format)

I'll draw up a diagram of how the strings work in the ears pretty soon for those who wanted to know the mechanics.. Though the "Matrices Mask Construction" on my site details in it a little bit, so check it out.
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"Perking" ears.

Okie, sorry for posting so much, but its been an exciting week!
For all of those who commented with the curiosity of how I did my ear movements, I took a couple of minutes to try and draw up a diagram of how it works.

Collapse )

I really hope that helps! If anyone needs any further help, I'll try to do my best to try and assist. :D

Also- the reason I did it this way, is I always draw my character with her ears folded back, so the mask was no exception, I wanted her ears to be folded back.. Though.. I still wanted to be able to perk them up! And this was the way I did it :D
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Well, now that I have been re-inspired by the last post..I want to start working on a head/mask for my crow. I want the beak to be somewhat would I go about that? I also plan on making the bottom jaw movable (plan being the key word here), and I would like the beak to make a clacking sound when it shuts. Nothing loud, just a soft sound. Since I plan on using foam and light materials, is there something harder I could add to the rims on the beak? Thanks ^^;
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Howdy All

Hey all, i joined this live journal community a while back but have yet to post. Since i just updated my site i figured i would post the url.