August 8th, 2004


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Someone contacted me about making two tails, a Margay and a Kangaroo.
Although I don't have the resources available right now to make a Kangaroo tail, I did manage to find a really soft spotted cat print faux fur.

Since I was at a friends house when they contacted me, I didnt think to save the contact info from the IM until after I had left, so I was just hoping to make it public that I have the print fur, and can possibly make the tail out of that fur if the person is still interested (and wants that for their tail)

Here's a shot of the faux fur print:

Its really glossy and soft. And the fur is 3/4 inch long.

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If anyone has any comments, or is interested in a tail, I am open for tail commissions until Sept 1st. Though I'm only available to do them based on the fur I have in stock.

My "standard-sized" canine/feline tails are about $20-$25. Longer or bigger tails are a little extra, depending on what you want, and the complexity in the end.
(the standard length is 1 and 1/2 to 2 feet long for canines and about 3 feet long and 3 inch thick for felines, just to give a general idea for pricings) Also.. if you want something smaller than the "Standard" depending on the fur used, I may cut ya a deal ;3

For more info you can check out my website, more info and examples is under the "art" section.
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Okay. The hands for my suit are giving me a Hard Time.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to make them work? I'm doing all five fingers, and the glove will go partway up my lower arm (for the lower leg of a griffin). Any online tutorials or patterns or pictures?