August 9th, 2004

help, please?

I got three questions! So please, help me with 'em all.

1.) With a padded suit, what is the best thing to start out with, a body suit or what?

2.) What is the best way to make 'vents' in a head?

3.) What is the best way to fur a Balaclava head?

I'm having a lot of trouble, yes I am! Please, please, please help! *bows down on all four paws and burries nose in dirt* ...thank you...
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Floating nebulous glowy thing!

Dino's First Adventure in Fursuiting


Soooo my sis and I went to the mall earlier. I went in the pants I have done for my Kia griffin--the lower/snow leopard half.
I did bring my camera, but alas, there were no good photo opportunities. And I think my sister was annoyed enough with me from my repeated asking for her to help me attach the griffin feet to the pants XD.

I got meowed at by some guys in the parking lot.
Got meowed at by people when I was in line at Dairy Queen.
Little kids love anything with a long tail. ("Eeeee it's a tail!" "Kitty!")
Sis and I played Pump It Up!, the evilpossessed Korean DDR. I found that yes, you can DDR (or other similar games) in fursuits.
The lady in the Christian book store was like "Well, aren't you a character?" And she kinda laughed.

So in conclusion:
People like fuzzy pants with a tail.
The pants don't make me too hot, as long as I stay indoors.

I did find out that the feet will come off if I make extravagent movements <<.
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