August 12th, 2004

fly away (by Felcane)
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Panduck! :D

Concept design for sayh's (my hubby's) suit, of his "panduck" char (mandarin duck/red panda gryphon). I noticed after scanning that I spelled "suede" wrong, ah well. :P scribble_fox has offered to make this (he's making mine as well), but I hope he'll be able to manage the wings, since he hasn't made wings before (or last I heard, anyway). I'm not sure if the wings and head should be airbrushed in those colors or made of separate colors of fur (the latter being preferred). And can you get fur in metallic colors? Though the wings look rather complicated, they are actually made of one solid piece of foam, with only the two golden "sailfeathers" made separately, and sticking up (as shown). The eyes will be realistic painted glass eyes and not made for seeing out of, obviously, since they located where the wearer's cheeks will be, but there will be painted wire mesh or something similar located on the front of the head. If the string-pulley raiseable crest is too difficult to create, then the crest will just be left as is. I'll probably have more padding added above the knee than is shown, since the legs don't look quite digitigrade enough, IMO. The legs and shirt will be made later than the rest of the suit, so that a half-suit (plus wings) can be worn with a kung fu-type uniform in the meanwhile. The rest of the image is rather self-explainitory, I suppose. :) (Click thumbnail for larger image.):

Or at DA:

Edit: After posting this, it was pointed out to me that red pandas are plantigrade, not digitigrade; thus we'll scrap the backwards bend and save the money on the extra padding. The ref photos I was using didn't show the hindlegs very well, so I made them rather like a mustelid's. I was also told that red pandas have 6 toes on their hindfeet (5 fingers and a thumb)...anyone know if this is true?? O.o

Also, a cute story on how the panduck came to be: :)


P.S. And scarily enough, sayh isn't the only "panduck" I've found on the net! O.o (See here and here.)
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n00b building!

Heyas, I'm in the middle of trying to fur a head. Never tried it before and I'm pretty lost about it right now. I have no idea how to get the fur around the eartips and make it look decent. Any help?!
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(no subject)

I've seen fursuits with some [what looks like] wig-hair attached. I want to give mine hair [a flop, long-hair mohawk] but I'm not sure how to go about it short of cutting the wig and trying to glue it on and cover the edges with fur... Any suggestions?
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Join my fursuit creation chronicle!

Cross-posted to my journal:

I've made a journal to document the making of my first fursuit. More of a record for my personal use, in case I care to include a tutorial in my site later on, or something. However, I'd love to share it with whoever's interested in following along with it, or giving me help or advice from your own experiences.

Anyhoo, it's located at project_cougar

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