August 14th, 2004

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hey there fellow furries! i'm gunna give the head making a try,and its going to be a wolf head.i will use Moonfox's method,but anyone got any suggestions?

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New Journal

I've made a new journal strictly for fursuiting/commission stuff, to keep ppl updated on orders, what I'm working on, what needs to be done, what I'm selling, if/when I'm taking orders, etc. I know some ppl added me just for that reason.. so I created a seperate account just for that stuff, and that's where I'll be posting all fursuit/commission related stuff from now on. :) Just add ww_creations to your friends list if you're interested! Got a seperate AIM account too that I plan on keeping commish-realted stuff to too, it's listed in the user info there.


so i says to almiras i says lol

i am doing a trade with almiras
she is drawing me 19 pics while i make her a furuit half suit

so fare she has done all my transformation pics shown here

she has 7 other pics for me to do which i will shown at the end of this trade "when its' done"

here is what i am doing for her

Nitro, is a canid/dragon

peice of cake this suit will be, dragons are one of my specailty ^^

i offered the fursuit for the trade since she has been so kind and nice to me ^^ i had to repay her in some way ^^