August 21st, 2004

Yakeo Wolf pup
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Good news

Hello friends;o)   
I am happy to present you my *fursuit* ^.^   
How some knew it, I had order a fursuit has Brokken has Further Confusion 2004, I was so happy when him to accept ^.^ It is a honor for me to have a fursuit of Brokken ^.^    
And Tuesday evening I received a big packet! Aawwwwwwwww That comes of very far! ....... yesss, my fursuit is there ^.^   
Awwww, I am happy to work that made Brokken on my fursuit....... It is indeed some very good and beautiful work! Work makes with attention and heart! ^.^ Indeed I thank Brokken for all the attention that he paid to make me my fursuit! I like the head a lot and especially eyes ^.^ the costume is very close to the drawing, fur and soft and beautiful, awww I like my fursuit, especially to carry it :)   
Ps: For Brokken: I thank you a lot for the great work that you made on my costume:) I am happy today to wear a costume makes with your paws of gentile wolf, you have talent indeed, I thank you...........;) *Big Hugs*   
Here are photos of my fursuit give me your thoughts:)   


Ps: I made a complete update of my website, I have add some news links, and also of photos and videos of my fursuit :)   
Hug has all and take care of you ;o)   
~Yakeo ~ 

Thanks Brokken ;o)   

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DC area fursuit workshop Sept 18th

The next DC area fursuit workshop is tentatively scheduled fot Saturday,
September 18th.


You know the drill by now:

Do NOT arrive before noon. Bring snacks for yourself and to share. I have
tools for you to use, and there is a signifigant scrap pile, but you should
plan on bringing your own materials for your projects. We usually break
for dinner around 6 or 7pm, so plan accordingly.

If you need directions, email me directly. Also if you intend to stay
overnight, let me know, because crash space is very limited.

If you plan to attend one of my workshops, and you have not done so
already, please join the mailing list below for details about what's going on:

I have created a Yahoo! Group for the fursuit workshops I have been
holding. If you are one of people who attend them, or plan to attend,
please consider joining it:

Group name: pandashop
Group home page:
Group email address:

~ Jon Albers, A.K.A. The PandaGuy


I need you all to vote. I can't decide! I'm going to make a costume for Halloween, and I won't have a ton of time to dedicate to it, since I'm doing a heap of other costumes for other folks. I /was/ just going to do a partial suit, just ears, tail, and paws, for my YinWolf character. Shi's going to have a full bodysuit eventually, and a head, but I can always do that later.

Anyhow, today I came up with the funnest creature. It's a Drabbit, a dragon rabbit cross, and I love the way my sketch of it looks. However, I know for sure that I'd be unable to finish a full costume of the Drabbit before Halloween. I don't even know how the rest of the creature looks yet, I just drew the head. But I love the head! I want to make a fursuit head of it. And yet... I know it won't look right by itself, and I don't think I'll have time to do much else with the outfit by Halloween time.

So, what to do? Just do the Drabbit head? Leave it for later and do YinWolf now? Be madly insane and try and do both?

Your votes on the subject appreciated. And to help you picture all this:
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