August 24th, 2004

aztec head

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Hey everyone! I've been visiting the community for a week or two now, looking for an answer to my questions, and I've found all but one so I figured I might as well just ask it. :)

I've started on my first halfsuit [I've made heads before, but not the rest] and have gotten to the point where I want to do the arms. I'm planning on wearing a t-shirt, so I want the arms to reach all the way up to my shoulders. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't think that one, giant, long glove would be best [If I'm wrong, please correct me], and was thinking that I'll probably end up making the arm in two pieces. But I'm not sure where to separate them. Should I make a paw with a sleeve that goes up to mid-forearm, and the the rest? Or should I separate it at the paw?

I was also wondering if you guys make the sleeve as just a long tube, or do you perhaps split it and Velcro it along one side? Anyway, as you can see I'm completely at a loss, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :3
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Stuffed fingers

I was curious as to how people stuff the fingers in paws. Y'know, make 'em look more full and cute? Right now, I use foam on a normal glove then fur it... but I'd like a nicer, easier way to do this. Can anyone help? ;3
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