September 5th, 2004

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Questions all around!

I'm working on a super-secret project for some simple costumes... I've dabbled a little in costumes here and there, but nothing as big as this project. I'm sure there'll be a lot of trial-and-error in this one, but I'd still like to pelt you all with a lot of questions, first. Knowledge beforehand can't hurt, right?

I'm wanting to do the frame out of plastic mesh- they're going to be very simple, I'm going for more of a masquerade look than convincing/realistic, but I want to do articulated jaws - preferably even so someone could eat (with a fork or something) with the mask on. I'm not too worried about the wearer's mouth showing, in fact I want to do them so the wearer's eyes show as well.
With that in mind - it seems the rivets/brads and elastic technique seems the most popular in jointing the jaws. I think I might give Maly's rubber band technique a try. I'm thinking about doing the jaws on one costume out of shaped leather; has anyone used leather before in costuming?
Also, in regards to the masks exploiting the user's eyes ... I want to do articulated eyebrows on one of them. I plan on cutting the eyeholes larger than they need to be to expose the wearer's eyebrows, then attaching strips of fake fur to the wearer's eyebrows with spirit gum and teasing the hair over the edges of the masks' eyeholes.

Okay, on to the questions - I'll be nice and Collapse )
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Inflatable Costume Visibility (repost)

Has anyone worn or worked with inflatable costumes? I've been trying to figure out what kind of visibility they have, and how the heck you see out of them.

My apologies for the repost -- the new version of LochJournal has "Disallow Comments" set as the default, and won't let you change that default.
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I'd like to create a comprehensive jaw webpage

Yes, the jaws that come up so often on here. I was browsing through memories and I saw some jaw entries but i realized- why not a comprehensive page like the ones that exist on what materials to make it out of etc?

If someone's already done this, a comparison of methods, please let me know-otherwise i'd like to start collecting info if folks dont mind.

The jaw methods i know of (altho i dont know THEM persay but we'll get there)

1. static jaw
2. matrice's method with brads/rubberbands/ bar under chin
3. - variation w/ chinstrap and brads/rubberbands
4. Noble's method involving springs
5. latin vix's ? method involving ??? (rubber bands?), fitted chin, and a wire structure/hinge

Are there any i've missed as far as jaw methods go? I'm surmising yes as i dont know if any of those would work on a backlava and I'm wondering if it's just you know- a property of doing it that way that when you move the jaw moves and no mechanism is required.

Anybody else?
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Doin' the reference dance

I went to the "greater vancouver zoo" up in Canada a few months back, and snapped a bunch of pictures while thinking about what costume I was going to be working on at the time. I was considering a lynx, but have since abandoned the idea. Anyways, if anyone wanted some reference for drawing, or headshots of some big cats (cheetah, lion, and lynx), there's some of that in this directory. There's also some GREAT shots of ostrich feet (two toes) and emu feet (three toes) that'd be fabulous for using as ref on dragon's feet. If you don't feel like browsing the directory, you can also download all of 46 images as a zip file.
Anyone else have / use reference like this? While building Cercyon, I referred to this picture printed out, and it helped tremendously. Sketches by neogeen, btw, who rules at character design.
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Anyone interested in Scraps?

Basically, I have boxes and boxes of scraps - furs of various colors and textures. For the most part it's great to have little scraps of stuff that you can use as accents in various fursuits but it's gotten to the point where I have 7 12-gallon packers of the stuff. Would anyone be interested in buying some of the stuff. I can't guarantee what you get, but you'll get a decent amount of stuff for little more than shipping and packaging cost. I just hate to throw the stuff away. Let me know if anyone's willing to take some of the stuff of my hands. Scrap is generally about 2" or more wide and various lengths. Great for adding accents around the eyes, making eyebrows, spotting. First come first serve.
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Redrock Fursuit

I got about 90% of the meshing for my mask done today.  I've still got some more stuff to sew on, like a couple of strips of plastic for the muzzle to hold it in place better.  But for the most part, I got a big dent in it done today.

Tell me what you think.  This is my first time making one of these, so I hope I'm doing good.

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Edit: Pics are fixed for now. Went over my bandwidth limit on Geocities, so I moved them to another host. You can see them now. I R dumb kitty
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