September 6th, 2004

Were Woof
  • n2kenai

Let's talk Sewing Machines

I am thinking i will be needing one sooner or later, but what is best for the price and quality? I see some folks sew by hand but I think a machine will be more durable and longer lasting. Has anyone used a Handy Stitch before. Are those a good idea for the price value? If not a sewing machine, perhaps a singer, is more ideal? Should industrial needles be used or will regular be fine going through fur panels? Any insight would be helpful as I need to get some gloves going relatively soon. Thanks.

Brokken - Jedd - Coy

(no subject)

Okies, in my previous e-mail, I posted rough prices of what a 5lbs box of scraps would cost to ship to those who are overseas. I have about 10 boxes of the stuff. The following people have expressed an interest:

Rose Quoll
Brown Wolf
Quoting Mungo
Noble Wolf

If you're interested, I will be charging $5.00 on top of what the box and shipping to your respective locations is. If you don't know how much that is, look at my previous post on Fursuit.

Let me know ASAP what you would like (not guaranteeing that I have what you need, but I'll try to sort things out according to your wishes).