September 7th, 2004



A piece of advice for you all. Never, ever, ever, sit down to cut fur for something when you're in a hurry. You'll end up spending more time fixing the mistakes you made than if you'd taken your time.

Yeah. So I'm making the paw gloves for my YinWolf costume, for Halloween, and yeah. I wanted them at least to a wearable point by Tuesday (tomorrow, or technically today I guess,) because of the furmeet. So I rushed cutting them out. Bad move. I made them too small, so I had to piece in extra fur. Furtunately the seams don't really show, but still!

They turned out all right anyhow. No pawpads yet, but I cam wear 'em without. It'll just be harder to grip stuff. And the claws came out very, very nice. A few more things to tweak and they'll be perfect.

But man, I hate having to pick out seams.
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Taxidermy Pieces

There are so many great sites of tutorials and some sites keep mentioning that they want to try or are using taxidermy pieces for mouth, nose, and or eye segments. I have tried to see where you would get these items at, but I don't see any mention of that. I really like the wolf teeth and tounge I have seen and the nose. Were can I locate a place to get these? I assume they are not real right? =P They look great though, and if anyone know how much they cost, that would be helpful too.

Van Dykes bulk order

just following on from my comment in the previous post; how many UK/Europe based people are there who'd like to be part of a bulk order from Van Dykes Taxidermy supplies? you can have a look through the website, I'm guessing most of the orders would be for fake fur, glass eyes, noses and jaw casts.....I've e-mailed them, and the cost of postage and bank transfers is too much to warrent a small order just for myself, but if other UK members would like to order stuff too, we could arrange to have it shipped to the person who makes the heaviest order, split the shipping and bank charges, then mail out everyone elses orders from the UK, at cost.


 this is by far the best value and range of taxidermy eyes I have found on the net, and I'd really like to give their stuff a try........

Captain Slyboots

I finally finished my Dragonfly mask!

And here's the proof! I've been working on this thing for nigh on eight months now, just trying to figure out how to make the nape-cover comfortably mobile while still looking snazzy. (Cross posted to my own LJ, where there will be more pics tomorrow.)
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It is time...

Well i'm after a fursuit commission and was wondering if anyone could help. I live in the U.k. but i can pay for postage as well. I'm looking for a Black Kitsune Timberwolf, just to give a quick idea. I hope to hear from soon people soon, or if anyone can point me in a good direction i would really appriecate it. If i get a commission from you i can sort all the details out then.

If you have any questions just reply with them or send us a E-mail.

Thanks for your time

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