September 8th, 2004

Happy Scruff E. Coyote

Further Confusion 2005 Furry Variety Show

Attention Furry and Fursuiting Furiends:

Yeah, I know it's five months till Further Confusion 2005, but furiends, if you've got performer blood in ya that's boiling then it's that time to start thinking about getting back on the stage. The Main Stage, that is!

This year the Furry Variety Show (FVS) - with the emphasis on VARIETY, performance, and wacky fun - will be subtitled "Furry Night Live"! So this year furs will be asked to organize into "troupes" (like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, or Second City TV), plan and write their skits, and rehearse them in advance. Because of this, acts performed by "troupes" will be allowed go over the former four minute limit IF approved in advance. Individual performances will be limited to three minutes. As usual, the FVS is noncompetitive, and NOT judged.

So, if you wanna do magic, or a comedy routine, or juggle bowling pins, or dance to Walk Like an Egyptian, or play your kazoo, or perform that silly act you've wanted to do for months . . . in or out of fursuit, with or without a puppet, alone or in a stage breaking group, then the FVS is for you!

For more information contact FVS Lead Scruff E. Coyote at
To subscribe to the official FVS discussion E-mail list go to: and sign up.

For Further Confusion 2005 general information visit:

(Please feel free to forward this announcement to others not on this LiveJournal list.)

David L. Ely - AKA: Scruff E. Coyote - FC 2005 FVS Lead

Well, no fursuiting meetup group, sadly...

Went to my furries meetup last night, had lots of fun. One of the other furs was in a partial suit. Weirdest wolf suit I ever saw... but not badly made, just odd. It had a muzzle made out of formed, painted cardboard, with fur starting at the eyebrows and cheeks. Funky looking. And it was blue muzzled, grey furred, and painted with stripes almost like a skunk's.

The get together was fun, and the reactions to my YinWolf partial suit were great. The hostess at the restraunt we met at was fascinated with the suit. I ended up trying to explain what "furry" was to her. Not sure she quite got the concept though. Also, a bunch of drunken 40-somethings were highly amused by it, I got my tail petted by one of them, when I wasn't looking. And I got howled at who knows how many times. Fun!

I also got a message from the meetup folks. They said that a fursuiting meetup group was a good idea, and as organizer of the SLC furries group I could change our focus from just being furry to being fursuiters. Only out of the dozen people who came last night, only that one fellow suits, so it's not going to work. And sadly for any of you who liked the idea, they're not going to add fursuiting as a topic. Ah well...
Guess anybody who really wants to can go and make a new furry group, and then turn it into a fursuiting group, like they want me to.

Also, *poke* nobody's bid on two of my auctions. *pokepokepoke* <-- Small, kid size coyote, dog, wolf, canine thing set. <-- big fluffy fox set. <-- huge fat husky/wolf set.
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Happy Scruff E. Coyote

Fursuit Event: Pasadena CA Doo Dah Parade

Hello Fursuiters and Furiends:

The call is now out for groups to enter the upcoming 28th Annual Pasadena (California) Doo Dah Parade on Sunday the 21st of November (that's the weekend before Thanksgiving). If you've got a fursuit, if you wanna show off, if you're not suiting up on Halloween, if you wanna be wacky, or even if you just wanna hang with (and maybe help) a bunch of furries/scalies/featheries . . . then the Southern California Paws and Claws Fursuiter Group would like to invite you to walk, march, skip, hop, gallop, skate, bike, or unicycle with the "Coast to Coast Critters" fursuit brigade!

Here's how to participate: send your $10.00 per fursuiter parade entry fee to me by September 30th with your furry name and E-mail address. I will then forward the total entry fees and registration form to the parade organizers on October 1st. On Sunday the 21st of November meet everyone in Memorial Park before 10:30 AM to start the fun!

Details and directions to this very zany and madcap parade are on the Parade's official web site at:

Please make checks or money orders out to:

David L. Ely

Then mail to:

PO BOX 55473
VALENCIA CA 91385-0473

But wait there's more! After the parade everyfur usually chows down at a popular Pasadena watering hole!

If you have any other questions, feel free to E-mail me off this list. Hope to see ya all there!

David L. Ely - AKA: Scruff E. Coyote