September 13th, 2004


updated working link to "What makes a Fanboi?" ConiFUR '03 skit vid

I tried earlier to share this vid but for some reason Furtopia took it down. So thanks to abunch of you being patient and offering mirrors there's already a new link to snatch this from. Earlier thanks to BrownLeopard, thanks to Pippin, and thanks to MoonstoneWind (they should have a mirror available soon). Of course also thanks to the ConiFUR masquerade staff for allowing me n' DiamondWolf to get away with this. Thanks to Angerfist for producing the hardcore track "Criminally Insane" and all the dealers at ConiFUR for offering prop ideas to use in the skit. And I can't forget thanks to Diamondwolf for being my *coughs* victim, er I mean fanboi. Enjoy!

The vid is 123mb, Quicktime movie file (yes you need Quicktime) and it was recorded n' edited by Carraig. Thanks to him as well. Hope you like it, I plan to do this skit again when i'm more prepared and NOT sick (ya, they begged me anyway) ;) Of course it be nice to do it with a bigger audience as well.

- statik
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