September 17th, 2004

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Chipmunk suit almost finished. Have to do the other stripe tomorrow, and get the arms attached. Also, I think I may need to flip him inside out and shorten the midsection a little bit. Shouldn't be too hard. </a></b></a>stephenquoll modelled the body for me, since it's a bit too big for me. =)

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maly threading the needle

ideas wanted!

So, matrices and I went to an "emergency rummage sale" a while back, and she ended up getting her hands on some awful mint green fur, which ended up in my posession. It's a very small amount, probably 9"X60", and I later picked up about the same amount in a kelly green, same pile and type. I've had a 9X12 piece of kelly green shag for a while, as well as some soft white shag that I could use on this project if I needed. I also have two maribou feather boas, one kelly green, one mint green. For some reason, I even have a pair of long mint green ears, from another project!
Now, the question becomes what to do with all of this green! I have probably enough fur to do a head, and maybe a matching tail.
Is anyone feeling like they have creative ideas on what to do with this mass of green and fuzz? For now, I'm calling it Project Spearmint. :)