September 18th, 2004

ferrets revisited

First off I would like to thank everyone that posted links to all the ferret suit pictures, they helped in getting me past my creative block.

Now for the part I don't really want to do but it seems I have to. My access to fur is a little limited, I can find a decent amount of 1/4 inch white fur, matter of fact I bought 4 yards, but I need some longer and the longer the better (three to five inches if there’s such a thing) I don't need a lot maybe a 20 by 20 piece. If anyone out there would have some I would be able to use I would be more than willing to work out a trade. 

If anyone is interested please contact me.


More Drabbity godness.

I am obsessed, I think. I have sooooooo many other things to do today, but I only got the really vital few done, and spent the rest of the afternoon furring my Drabbit. But it's looking so amazingly cool! Really! I still haven't developed film, so pics will come in a bit. But all I have left is furring one part on the back of the head, a bit under the chin, and then putting on the scale plates and the purple fur markings. (Once I get my purple fur, that is. *grin*)

In other fuzzy news, Got two comissions today! Both small stuff, set of regular cat paws and grizzly tail and ear set, but still spiffy.

In sad fuzzy news, my auctions didn't sell. Again. I think I need some better photos and samples of what I've done before I try aother big comission auction. Maybe I can do a head auction one the Drabbit head is done...
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Anime Weekend Atlanta Furs

Any furs going to Anime Weekend Atlanta?

If anyone is going, and will be bringing fursuits, I'd like to propose something: We get together, pose for a group photo or two (either in or out of fursuit, preferably IN suit), and then do lunch. Sound good? Anyone interested?
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