September 19th, 2004

ok, calm, fine

HS Mascot, ^.^

Im sure this is on topic to the communoty since most mascots are animal/furry costumes.

I was wondering has anyone ever been high school mascot or something of the like? I wanted to get info like , who will know my identity, how would cheerleaders treat the mascot, and ALL THAT other stuff that could possibly effect high school mascots, before I sign up for the position.
Thanks ;D
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Wings 'N' Things...

Hi again, all! :)

Well, I finished the wing pattern for my fursuit (based off photos of mute swan wings), and will be transferring it to paper now to mail to scribble_fox of (he's agreed to make my wings as well--yay!!) :D (notice the feathers overlap differently)

(BTW, that cardboard is a LOT heavier and bulkier than it looks!) :P And here's my suit design again, for reference...If y'all wanna see my design for the interior wing frame (again, based off mute swans), as well as how I plan to attach it to myself, I can post that too. :)

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Talk about a bad day

Ever had one of those days? Well I just did.

I finished the meshwork on my suits head last night and I went to cover it in foam this morning.

I did just like the instructions on the spray can said to, one coat on the vinyl one on the foam, let tack then put together, well that’s where all went to hell. I got all the foam in place and almost all of the seams glued together so I left it to dry for a hour, When I came back it seems the glue MELTED the mesh because the whole thing was lying on the bench in a gooey mess.


Seems like not all spray on glues aren't compatible with vinyl mesh and I feel pretty stupid now. Anyone willing to give me some suggestions on commission price suggestions?