September 20th, 2004

Starting over

First off i would like to thank barnaby ,rosequoll and latinvixen02for having contacted me about commisioning a ferret head, Really wish i could have you all do one but i cannot afford it, don't get me wrong, your prices are reasonable, but i just can't afford that. thats the trouble with being recently divorced, you pretty much have to start all over.

That and how am i to learn anything by having someone else do it for me? This weekends incident taught me some good lessons anyway and i'm sure it'll help make whatever i end up with a lot better in the end.

Out of curiousity would anyone like a good set of glove patterns? last night i struck upon the idea of getting a cheap pair of gardening gloves and ripping one apart at the seams and a hour later i found myself sitting there with a wonderfully fitting pair of furry gloves, minus details of course, pads, claws and such. In my personal opinion it would be a wonderful starting point for someone like myself, a newbie. I hope that helps out someone.
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Twilight- Clock is TICKING

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Operation Furry Meetup

Attention all Mascots, Fursuiters, and Furries!

If you will be attending this year's Anime Weekend Atlanta, and want to meet old friends and maybe some new ones, how about joining us for a Furry Meetup?

We will be meeting Friday, September 24, Noon, in the main lobby at the base of the REALLY huge staircase. You can't miss them, even if you've never been there before. I'll be holding a sign that says "Furry Meetup!" or something to that effect, and more than likely, I'll be in my Ryo-Ohki suit. ALL furries are WELCOME! Fursuit or no fursuit. Though fursuits are encouraged, as well as ears and tails. We will ALL pose for a few photos, and then maybe do lunch, if people are interested. Sound good?

Can't wait to see ya'll there!
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Drabbit pics!

Well, my photography skills still need working on, but you can get the general idea here.

Foamed, but not furred:

With white fur:

Finished except for purple accents:

Being cuddled by my small sibling, who is obsessed with my fursuiting, and insisted on watching me do the furring.

I so love how this thing is turning out. I only hope I can make a bodysuit, paws, and tail to match the quality of the head. Admittledly, it's taken a while, and I've made some real goofs. For a while there I thought I was insane for choosing something this elaborate for my very first head and full suit, but now I'm glad I did.

Also, while I'm posting pictures, My YinWolf costume, which hopefully will be done by Halloween.

And some radom fox paws that are lying limp because I made them for somebody with huge hands, and they're far too big for me to put on.
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