September 21st, 2004

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Does Monterey Mills fur contain rayon?

I've got what looks like a potentially good aerosol spray for well-marianated fursuits. It's called "Allstar D-FEN Surface Disinfectant", and claims that it "disinfects and deodorizes surfaces through effective bacteria and fungacidal activity", "controls odors", and "may be used for hospital use on surfaces not easily subject to normal disinfecting procedures".

Warning: I have not tried the product on my suit yet, because I don't know what, if any, negative effects it may cause to the fabric, so I have only just sprayed a small test swatch with it so far (after an hour, I see no indication of discoloration or decomposition, but I don't want to take any chances).

My question is: the label says "do NOT spray on polished wood, furniture, or "RAYON FABRICS".
Does Monterey Mills and other fur fabrics contain rayon? I must confess my ignorance in this.
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Leonine, Complete without Paws

Well, it's finally finished. I have some odds and ends to tack on, such as ear insides and tongue, but that isn't a large deal and I still have to wait for his handpaws/feet to come from Noble (thanks Noble!) up in Canada. But other than that, this costume is finally complete, after a long haul.
Thanks to everyone who gave me support, and tell me what you think (just don't tell me to change the unchangable x.x;;)

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Delrin rod and other wire questions

I'm working on two secret projects right now, and I'm thinking of using some delrin rod for the spine of the one I haven't started yet.
I have a few questions about delrin rod...
1. So it can be bent by hair dryer, but does it keep its form under stress?
2. Where can I get it?
3. Can it be hotglued to plastic?
4. Is it possible to purchase it in 4-5 yard lengths?
5. If not, is it easy to attach to other pieces?
6. Is it easy to cut?

And another unrelated question. On my other secret project, I'm going to have something like an antenna on the top. I want it to bob when I nod my head, but I also want it to keep its shape, even under some minor pressure (there will be a styrofoam ball attached to the end). What kind of wire should I use for this? I have vague memories of seeing something like this being used for a non-costuming task, but I have no idea where I saw it, or what it was.

Haha, I'm so full of questions, aren't I? xD