September 25th, 2004

Baralai: Still Human (by Lady Summoner)

FC Fursuit Act

I am currently working on a "secret project" for an act during either the FC Masquerade or Variety Show. Right now, I am in the planning stages, but I have a basic outline of the performance and what it will entail. I am looking for any suiters who would be interested in taking part in what should be an organized, fun, and entertaining project which also carries a beautiful message.

I am expecting to need a handful of people to help with this. At least three main performers will be required, one of which has to be a female-dressed suit (though, not necessarily a female actor). The second must be dressed as a male, and the third can be either/or. There will also be a few "background characters" needed. I'm not sure how many yet, but probably only two or three. I expect a full "cast" of six or seven suiters.

I will more than likely be taking part in the act, as long as my suit is finished by FC. However, I may be forced to merely direct the event if something unforeseen happens between now and then. In that case, I will need someone to take my place.

If anyone is interested, feel free to reply, but I'd also appreciate an email. You can reach me at thedarkstarlight [at] AOL [dot com.] More specific details will be given after contacting me.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested and hope that this ends up being a wonderful act that touches the hearts of those who see it.


Starlight Autumn Winterlong