September 26th, 2004

Bounce!- Animecat

Furusuiting at Anime weekend Atlanta

Well AwA was overall pretty good this year I had alot of fun suiting as Vash the fox stampede ^__^ I was entered in the cosplay contest as just Vash the stampede and everyone was really surprised when a fox came out as him hehehehe Here are a couple of pics taken bye A Fan's view. I'll post pics later of plain Faux Paw da Fox. ^___^ Hope you like em

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Glue Gun

I'm watching you.....

Just curious. I'm working on a new head, now, of a husky. (Our Wal-Mart FINALLY got in that awesome wolf fur, so I've got a LOT of the stuff now, instead of just that one yard I got at JoAnn's! Hooray!) I *really* would *love* to put in eyes that are watching anyone who looks at or takes pictures of it. The thing is, I don't want them to be the round, "buggy" eyes that we normally see on suits. (not that they look bad "buggy," it's just not what I want to do with this suit I'm working on.) What I want is something like the look on some heads ScribbleFox has done, namely the ZigZag head, or the maned wolf, both of which are pictured on his site. You know, ones that look a little more... cartoony human, and yet strangely appropriate on an animal. Does anyone here know how to get that effect on fursuit eyes? I'm really curious, and would love to use a similar technique on this project I'm working on. ^_^