September 28th, 2004

How to Improve?

Greetings all,
I have a general question to all suiters/performers whom have, or wish to attend Conifur in the future.

What can I do to make Conifur a more suiter friendly environment?
This is a serious question as I have encountered some bad feedback
from other suiters, and wish to improve the events/clinics that involve

Carraig (costuming lead) and suiter
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miss monster

Research for a possible future project...

I'm going to start planning for my senior Fine Art thesis project now, as I would officially begin in the coming spring semester and 3 months is NOT enough time to do everything I'd like to do. But anyway, I'm tentatively planning to do something involving "Constructing a Self Fantasy" and working with avatars and representations of self and such. But basicly, I'm planning to build a fursuit for Lizardbeth, and present it and explain it in a way that is appropriate and acceptable for a fine art class.

This is where I need your help. I want to start now asking around for people who do have characters that represent themselves and perhaps do construct and/or wear suits about why they do it. I know for a lot of you, your first instinct will be "well, it's a fun hobby!" But I specificly want to know why it interests you, why you were attracted to it, why do you find such pleasure in inventing an avatar or a character for yourself, and dressing up to essentially act as or become that character. You can obviously be as personal as you feel you need to be or are confortable with. And yes, I am also open to those who do find suiting to be sexual in any way. I'm just trying to get a general idea where other people stand on this, from ALL different opinions and views, to perhaps guide the direction of my own project (I will be talking about my own feelings on this as well), for inspiration and so that I have something intelectual and researched to say to my professors. There probably won't be anything written in essay form or whatever, so if when you tell me about your experiences you want to remain anonymous, that's fine. However, if you don't mind names or personal info I would appreciate, along with your character's name, your real name as well. And any basic info on yourself - age, background, general info on your character - would be appreciated as well, but you don't have to go into any kind of detail; a small paragraph would be fine.

Again, this project won't happen for a while, but I'm starting to ask around now so I can have time to get feedback and information from people, and to give you guys time to think of something good and meaningful to say. If you know of any suiters - or even general furs - who you think could have some helpful info for me that doesn't necessarily visit this journal, I would love it if you could send them here or just forward this message to them. Also, so it's easier on myself and my records, if you can e-mail me with your responces instead of leaving the comments here, that would be mega-helpful. My e-mail is IguanaArtGirl @

I greatly appreciate any and all help you guys can give me! Thank you so much in advance. :^)

EDIT - I've gotten a bunch of fantastic e-mails so far, thank you guys so much! I'm so happy that you guys are so willing to help me out with this, it means a lot. :^) Keep sending them, they're great!!
Dia purplemoon

Help Design the PATCH PUPPY!!!!

Ok guys, I need your help! HELP ME DESIGN THE PATCH PUPPY!!!!

Matrices was a sweety and gave me a big puppy head to see if I could do anything with it! I may 'wire the bottom jaw' so I can make it open by bending it (sorta like Ace is right now)

Here are 3 pictures of the foamed head

What I need YOUR help with, is helping to DESIGN the patches! I would love two different colored dark feet, and maybe hands, your choice! Pic to color is here! (thanks again Matrices!)

I have been meaning to use all my larger scraps of furs I have collected over the years to make a PATCH PUPPY! To help you design, these are the fur colors I currently have (that I can remember off the top of my head):
1" white "bunny fur" (a lot maybe the main color?)
3" white Fox(a yard)
3" black Fox(a yard or two)
1" black (a yard or two)
3/4" dark grey (3yards)
2" dark w/white tipped grey (tons)
1" chocolate brown (2 yards)
1" Taupe/Beige (large scraps and maybe 1/2 yard piece)
1" Off white scraps
3" Palamino Fox brown (can cut some off a roll of 4 yards unless I can find someone w/scraps whos local)
1" Cubby Nutmeg 2yards?
1" Cubby Tan 2yards?

If anyone (local to the bay area) wants to donate some other colors (more browns?), and have a patch bigger than 6"x6" let me know.

Thanks so much!
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Traveling with a Fursuit

I think I may have asked several people already..but I've forgotten some of the things and lost the urls/links.

I'm soon to be getting a body for my fursuit, I already have the head. But I attend FurCon every year now, and I'll be going next year with the full suit. My only problem is, is that I'm worried about how to travel with it. So here is a few things I'd like to know:

- What should I use to store the fursuit in for traveling on a plane? (I've been told Rubbermaid tubs, I believe. But what gallon tub?)

- If I'm using tubs, do I put the head and body in seperate containers?

- Again, if I'm using tubs, what do I use to keep it shut and from opening? (Locks? Tape? Zip ties?), will the security not likes locks and tape?

- Will the security have a problem with it? If they do, what are usually their issues? How would I prevent any of those?

- How will should I store it? Check it under the plan or carry it on the plane?

- Make sure it's fragile? Should I use blankets/towels?

And I think that's pretty much it. This is my firs fursuit, so I'm not totally sure how to deal with traveling with them just yet. So sorry for the silly questions and thank you!


(no subject)

Who went to Conifur!!?
I sure did! I met a ton of awesome people, including many from this community!
I finally got all my pictures up, thanks to :D

Here's all my convention pictures, as well as offsite links to other con pictures from others.

Let me know if anyone else comes across some sites with pictures of me or my costume, so I can add it to the links.
Let me also know what you think!
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Hee -Haw

I've almost finished the donkey for the Bremen Town Musicians set. Finally. I just have to glue the hooves onto the sandals I used as a base and I'm all done. I soooooooo want to get some good pics of this, though I'll have to find somebody else to wear it. It doesn't really fit me. None of this set except the cat are going to. (And I'm kinda hoping to get the wear the cat, but I'm betting I don't get to... as far as I know I'm scripted to be a fairy. Not exactly my thing, but ah well.)

In other news, I'm using a closeup of my Drabbit head for my next photography class prject. (It just shows one eye, mostly.) Critique is tomorrow, so we'll see what everyone thinks of it. But already several people have asked me "what kind of animal is that," just assuming it was a photo of a real creature. Heeeeee. Looks like my attempts at realism have pretty well succeeded.