September 29th, 2004


two things I need advice on

hi all, couple of questions here........wondering if any of you guys might have some ideas


first up, how might one make stiff, spikey hair? I'm part way through building a RedXII balaclava mask (pics when I finish foaming), and it's all going pretty well, but I'm really not sure how to get his hair to stand on end. on the offchance you DON'T all already, know, I'm talking about this chappy

As you can see, he has a good deal of sticking up hair....I've already got hold of some synthetic hair extensions/pony tails, I just need to know how to fix it up. PVA glue (white "school glue") is a possibility, I've used it before with a wire core, and it kinda works, but isn't very durable or neat (or waterproof.....this is the UK, there's no garuntee it won't rain). So, any ideas? no brand names for glues BTW, just descriptions, chances are that unless you're in the UK it's called something different for me.


Secondly, I'm really keen to make more heads, but I can't draw for toffee. I needs designs! However, I'm loathe to use other peoples characters as the basis for stuff I make (except for major commercial characters like Red, who I'm making as a personal suit only, not for sale) 'cause, well, it's just not right to do it without permission. But I have SO many things I want to do, and change my mind so often, that contacting each artist individually isn't that practical. So really I'm after a picture resource of good quality, clean anthro art, mid level realism, to use for suit designs, which the artists won't mind me using, even if the suits are made for sale. It's probably a bit much to ask, so chances are I'll have to just use photo references for generic and personal suits, and wait for comissions to start coming in before I get to use drawn art.........



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What is the best way to cut the rounded end off of those chrismas ball dome things?

I want to do my best to attempt the "looking" eyes, since I'm tryyyyyying to make my mask look creepy (though, unfortunately, everything i do ends up "cute") And the "looking" eyes is a nice touch.

Here's my idea. I'm doing a Labrador Retriever. He'll be a mad scientist Lab (more info here: )
I started 3 hours ago, and here's what I've got done so far:
A sketch of how I want the head to look (not scanned yet, sorry)
The bodysuit's pattern pieces are cut out, ready to be sewn together.
The tail's been sewn and stuffed.
And my materials are all ready for the mask.

except... I wanted to do the eyes first, before I start the mask. Since they'll determine the shape of my mask, and how I can accomidate them and still see reasonably well. I'm just using the concave surface for the optical illusion "looking" eyes.. I'm not putting anything over the top of them, since I don't want it to fog. And I'll be using sheer "chiffon" material for the pupils.
I have the large-ish plastic domes. But I only have four. so if I mess up on one, I'll have two more, though I don't want to mess up...

So the whole point of my message is asking ... how can I cut the round back off the dome so I can place my sheer material flat? I think I have a hacksaw, but I don't have any powertool knowlege so I don't think I'll be comfortable with doing things like that.
Any suggestions?

And thanks for any help. :D
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bunnies at the LoveParade

This weekend is the first U.S. LoveParade in San Francisco. I will be hopping along with some other furries alongside a bunny-themed float. if you are in San Francisco, please come join us. We will be meeting at 10:30 to begin decorations and staging, and the parade begins at 2pm. The route is down market street and ends at PacBell park. The rest of the evening will have dancing and lurve.

Bunnies are the main theme, but all furries are welcome to join in.

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