October 3rd, 2004

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Hey there, another auction for you all to check out! As some of you may know, I'm saving to get my residency here in Australia (moved here almost 4 months ago) and I'm supporting myself entirely on my artwork and fursuits, so have a look and show your friends. =)

Green and Black "oriental" style dragon fursuit head with extra options if the buyer wishes. Made with a non-moving jaw, glass taxidermy eyes, and the best part is that they're wired to GLOW. Check out the pictures in the auction.


Thanks for looking!


attaching "claws"

Hello all I'm in the process of making new Hand and feet paws for my while wolf pup fursuit... need advice for the best way to attach the Claws. I Wear this fursuit most of the time for 36-48 hours straight durng a LARP, so it needs to be durable, and preferably Machine washable...(48 hours of running around acting and playing like an active Wolf puppy gets a white suit dirty by the end of the weekend).Thanks! I hope to post pictures of her very soon.
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New links added to the ever-growing "Conifur 2004 Photo essay"

I've added a few more photo gallery links to my personal Livejournal for photos and movies of Conifur 2004. If you were there, or know someone who was, there will certainly be a picture or two here on one of these links. My appreciation to all those who contributed to this photo essay - photo credits are acknowledged with each:

nashiri's LJ photo essay of Conifur 2004
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The most wild lime fur ever is now in search of a project to be used on. Since Cheshire is going to be sold, now I've got to come through with a new costume for myself for halloween, so here's what I've got to work with:
-fiber optic bundle of monofilament, able to be colored any way I want (would be great for glowy-tipped whiskers)
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Long Hot Pink or White Fur anybody?

I've been looking around for hot pink fur for a while now to finish a costume but all the sites I've found it on only let you order by credit card or make you buy wholesale. @_@ So I was wondering if anyone had about a half a yard of hot pink fur (with about a 3 inch nap) they'd be willing to sell me. We can work out something, though I'd like to here your offers first (if any).

Either that or some white fur with the same pile length and yardage would be good too. (I can just paint it with acrylics or something.)

Thanks in advance >^^
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