October 5th, 2004

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My first Fursuit is on it's way

I want to thank all the wonderful sites that have great tutorials that are helping me get my first fur suit into production. I am having a great time putting my new character together. I originally started out with a scary design but after thinking about the investment and the unlikely hood of its use other than Halloween, I decided on making my suit more friendly. Here is the before and after.


I have completed the gloves and the feet are nearly done. I will have some pics up soon for you all to see.

The color scheme is white and midnight blue.

It really is funny how fur flies everywhere when cutting. I love my rotary cutter and hate the sewing machine I bought. I had no idea that a bobbin lives under the workspace of a sewing machine. Heheh. I am currently sewing it all by hand, which has been relaxing and fun for me. I am actually getting better and faster at it. =)

Chance Karpour

Foxy Updates.

OMG I freakin live! Life's been so busy, so gonna mammothpost to catch up. ^.^

Finished massive marketing project for Florida, plus 2 new webpages being devleloped, plus more local and international advertising stuff. Weee. (Boring hardcore business related thingys)

Finished the water droplets! First themepark mascots! *squee again!*

Next up:

-Seven's Wolf head (latin resent the fur)
-Bab's Foxy (OMG I finally got the freakin fur. CR's loves me?)
-Acid's Body (sexy body?)
-Wyoons huskyhead (sexy head!)
-Jonny's Knight (teh holy hell project for FC) <-- has its own webpage too!
-Brokken's Bear (not the speedos)
-Neouka's macaw body (bird bird bird, bird is the word)
-Wolfus's Husky 2.0 (OK, the second suit I ever built, finally a Ver2.0 for someone who's deserved
one for so very long, Wolfus you kick ass. :) *hugs* )
-LV's head trade (Ya I need artz still from you!)
-Otto Lontra's Otter (woo, more otters!)

And last but not least, starting on Tcheebo (my wolf) this Friday over at Skribble's place. Woots.
Knowin my favorite vice will explain the name choice. Mmmmmm, Tcheebo. ^.^

Will post pics as work progresses. Plenty of it to keep me busy. Oh, and if ya want something for MFF, be quick about it, as I've got little if no time left to have stuff done.

Delivery guy just arrive, so now, we eat!
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Holy Odd-Shaped Critters! - White_Fox's anthro .. dew drops! :)

Hey .. wanted to post some pics of the most recent things that White_Fox and I (well.. these ones were definitely mostly White_Fox :) have put together.

They're for a marketing agency in Florida -- and they're not really traditional characters, but it was fun to make anthropomorphic .. waterdrops? :):)

Lots of neat stuff in the works in the shop right now ...

Oh .. and we just updated the look of Arend Studios' (White_Fox's shop) web site too! Take a peek :)