October 6th, 2004

New to Fursuiting

*Waves* Hello, I'm Nayanya.. Matrices introduced me to this LJ, and I'm quite grateful for that. I'm barely getting into Fursuiting, working up the money and a price list for what I need. I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'll be sure to post progress pictures of anything I make, so I'm not just a lurker. It'll be nice to meet you all I'm sure :)
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Just got back from JoAnn Fabrics, picking up stuff for Tsukinowa, the blue and black asian dragon, and was SO happy once I arrived to find that they're having a 50% off sale on their furs this week. :D Had to share with you guys, mine (here in Lynnwood, WA) had their furs stacked well over 6 feet tall, they had some fantastic silver/blue foxy furs, and lots and lots of weird colors. Also, stuffing and batting is 50% off this week.
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Progress on Murdoc

Been a workin' on Murdoc these past few days... getting some good progress, I'm happy with his so far.

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Oh yeah, and the globes on his eyes are getting a little yuckified from hotglue and such... is there a way to get all the glue stains off? I was thinking of trying a Mr. Clean magic eraser on them, but if ya'll have a better idea, that would be good. :3
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furry head from a dead plush?

Hey folks.Im new to this group an such.Since i have no $ at the moment,a lot of free time,creative moods, and howlween comin up.I have a bunch of big plushies iv won at fairs an parks an things an i was thinkin if it would work or look good to remove the head an alter the eyes an nose to see and breath,stuff it somehow.has anyone ever tryed this? succeded or not let me know how it came out or any tips from anyone would be great
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In search for the perfect claw

Well, being between jobs, I'm getting one item at a time for my fursuit. I'm starting with the hand-paws, since they at least can be worn with plain ears and a tail, if the rest of the costume isn't quite finished when I hope it to be. Can't quite do the same with the head, or hind paws. Anyway, I'm starting with my focus on the claws. I have a few ideas of my own, non of which I'm posative will work, but each is going to get its turn at least. I'm wondering what's worked for each of you? I'm looking for a hard, durable, realistic, yet not deadly claw type. Any help would be appreciated.
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hmm.. Ok, so it'll stay canine. =P

Ah yes.. I remember I tried to get this to look more feline.. eh, no matter what I did, it looked funny, but then again, I had no piccies to refer to at the time, so for my first mask, I guess this will have to do. =^.^= Collapse )

so, yeah, just looking for some input on what I have so far.. *shrugs gently* Which isn't much.. =P

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